Classic AV is garbage!

Fully agree with the AV complaint.

As for the Horde Q’s, this is a result of 75% or more of the PvP oriented player base choosing Horde for their faction.

The Q’s were early on OK, for horde, but as the PVE oriented alliance players got the gear they were after the number of participating alliance players plummeted.

I warned the players early on, back in Sep and even in early Dec before the BG’s went live and was told I was wrong.

Well here we are, and it’s not going to get better in AV, only worse because the BG is both the boring version as you mentioned and the fact that alliance players are typically Gear driven rather than game play and PvP driven.

Blizzard should have before this whole game went live required the players take some kinda survey and then assign player groups (of friends) to a certain number of optional servers so that local server balance was carefully managed.

Furthermore they should have also blended the PvE and PvP oriented player base some how rather than letting them faction split.

To top this all off the BG’s should have also been Local server only; CRBG is cancer to the game.

Dude alliance outnumbers horde 3 to 1 where do you get these numbers from?

biggest issue is smart gameply?is horde expected to roll over and let the alliance zerg the boss?

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7 out of 10 times the allys zerg Drekk game over 7 mins. The only way the horde can get good honor is to draw out the games. We cannot make it to van in the same amount of time. What you are basically saying is the horde should role over and let you win all games then it will be fair!

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You were warned.

At the start of Classic when there was a massive population push to Horde people were warned that this might cause a serious issue when BGs were released, but the base didn’t listen.

This idea was relayed again at the start of P2 when zergs of players were running around acting like idiots; that these actions are very likely to turn some players off of PvP as a whole & would very likely have an impact on Battlegrounds - the bases response was to label these people as doomsayers or drama queens because CBGs would handle the queuing disparity or “reroll or gtfo”.

And here we are today; with the exact problem you were warned about unfolding before you. All I can say is “You were warned.”

Also on a personal note: As one of those doomsayers and ‘drama-queens’, I don’t mind telling you that my vindication hard-on can be seen in Canada, all the way in Australia, through the smoke.


Agree with the first part of post
Disagree with the QQ about que times…
There was long que times in vanilla…
It should be server vs server… so que times are even longer… bringing more wpvp :stuck_out_tongue:

aah fresh horde tears


Who cares about the queues? This version of AV sucks. The only reason people do it is rep and honor. WSG is far superior design wise but the faction imbalances make it far easier for alliance to get decent coordination in there which is just as bad as the horde camping was prior to bg release.

Retail literally does av better which is laughable considering how garbage actually playing your class is.


Tears…its an unbalanced BG, unbalanced system as a whole. You guys get way faster que times first off which means better rank, better gear. You get to Drekk way faster more ally wins 7 to 10ish ratio. How is it tears? here’s an idea make it so we can que 40 man groups “Hail Hydra” we’ll put you in your cave and farm your asses 7 out of 10 times!!!

To all those telling Horde to reroll Alliance. You think that will fix the problem? Most of the premade AV groups kick randos to get their players in. Let me spend a few weeks leveling a 60 on alliance just to kicked out of every BG I join that has enough players to even continue with the match.

Good point

I agree, I was expecting the Hard Version of AV. At least give us that…from Classic and keep it like that.

I do not mind that Rogues can Vashish while Marked (when they should not in Classic) and that the PvP Trinket only works on 1 immobilizing and no slowing or stun effects…(lol I laugh every time I hit it and iot does nothing)…

But at least they should have given us the Classic Experience of AV…with the summons and all.

Who is the newbie that planned all this in the first place?

The only problem now is that there is already many R12+ People who Farmed an Easy AV… It would not be fair for the rest of the players.

ok anything else?

Btu the versions of AV you want were deemed garbage during vanilla.

AV was always garbage



I am going to explain something to you Blizzard always has and always will take the lazy way to handle a situation. which includes longer Que times . nothing like trying to corral player into doing what you want than to create a real solution.

Im sure you will cancel. Just like scores of alliance did after removing layers resulting in insane server sizes and unmanageable density.

Change Cavalry aint coming

Ah, I miss Altera. Now its just Intel. :rofl::+1:
I wonder whos gonna get this :blush:

is that your poor attempt at reverse psychology?

Not at all.