Choose Your Druid Shapeshift Appearances in the Barber Shop

Have to say this is pretty cool.

“That’s not enough, also gimme…”

Some people, I swear.

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Because one of the biggest selling points of Shadowlands is improved Character Customization in general. When would there be a better time than then?

Oh goodness yes! Please allow druids to permanently unlock this appearance somehow and use it in the barber shop!





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stop lying!
No one ever wants to transform into a fat chicken.
With booty wiggles. I Dont want the starry version of my character either i just want to be normal and shoot sparkle stars everywhere while rocking my fabulous glams.

Moonkin choices? I still want to be able to be in moonkin form without being a fat chicken, or a see through astral pale color. I want to be able to see my gear in moonkin form. I love the red xavious shoulders, but they get washed out in astral glyph. Been asking for this for 12 years now, probably never gonna happen.


great job. late but much appreciated. my druid has been readded to my possible mains list for SL

Datamining indicates that yes, worgen will be able to customize each form.

We need official confirmation, but there’s a high chance of happening. Worgen have been disabled since the alpha start, most likely due to this.


This has to do with the skeleton. The Zandalari dinoforms all share the same skeletons as the other druid forms. Wolves have a very distinct skeleton from cats though.

I’d think an argument could be made for something like a wolf travel form considering the dinosaur form for Zandalari is a raptor and not a stag, but I don’t ever see bear / cat changing skeletons. If they would, Zandalari should have gotten a direhorn for their bear form considering throughout the history of the game ever since Throne of Thunder, direhorns have been what Zandalari transform into. Not to mention there’s literally another zandalari dinomancer which turns into a direhorn as a world quest in Vol’dun.


Can a Horde somebody on Thrall rez my Zandy druid.

He just died from excitement.

I disagree. Bear form by default should look like a bear. Furbolgorilla should be only an option.

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Will I be able to use the artifact forms in different specs? So, play feral, be a purple glowing cat, but when I shift to bear, I’ll be a black werebear? Or will it still go back to the basic bear form?

This is what I’m wondering, and I’m shocked more people aren’t excited as hell if this is the case.

Having hulk-smash "bear"form on my resto druid is incredible

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The way it is worded in the OP, yes you can. The forms are like another option at the barber like hair color just for all of your forms. Doesn’t say anything about it being dependent on spec.

How will this interact with the passenger travel forms?

Beautiful! This is a very welcome change!

How will these changes effect passenger forms? Currently you can glyph out of the class hall flight form to use a different model as a passenger mount, will that still exist in shadowlands?

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Looks like I might have to get the rest of the glyphs for this.

Can we please have more barber shops?

did not expect this


Where is the moonkin love? I very much dislike my owl form. You can remove it with the glyph but that is ugly as well. Please dont forget about us balance druids.