Choose Your Druid Shapeshift Appearances in the Barber Shop



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I can be a Hulk Bear in balance and resto now, this is great!

is this a hint they are gonna lax restrictions on artifact appearances for other classes as well?

Allow worgens to stay as worgens in forms so they can attack with their claws!

Good news for most Druids, but as someone who as actively played this character as a Moonkin since 2005, I’m feeling a little left out. :frowning:


Can we please have Vanilla Feral form back? Plain Stranglethorn Vale Panther.

They could keep the skeletons and make more wolf like skins similarly to how Zandalari Troll and Kul’tiran forms were done.

You are ignorance of your own ignorance. You literally don’t know anything about anything in regards to wow.

We’re looking into fire kitty as an option. Thank you for the suggestion. :smiley_cat:


ok boomer


Hyped!! :sparkles:


Oh great giver of good druid tidings! But when shall ye bless us with blood elf druids?


BE/VE/NB druids next, please.


As a druid main since vanilla this is absolutely brilliant news and thank you blizzard.

p.s if fire kitty gets added I will main feral, I swear to god


Eh fair point. I wasn’t trying to be a jerk btw with my question I was just curious

Are you only referring to mage tower appearances in this sentence? As far as I know they are the only ones that were time-limited.

I didn’t think you were trying to be a jerk. You’re not like that based on the posts I’ve seen you make in the past.


PLEASE all elemental forms for all bear,travel,flight, aqua.

also can you please make the kul’tiran forms be accesible to worgens and night elves? we beg you! it makes so much sense for worgens to be able to have kul’tiran druid forms!

it may also make sense for troll and zandalar to share druid customization forms considering both are close to dinos and zandalar are close to bats from nazmir.


I love bird form!! No ty!

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You’ll still be able to transmog your Artifact weapons, but they won’t override the selected Barber Shop appearances.