Character Transfer Issue

Some time ago, I paid for a pack of 3 character transfers. I attempted to use the last one a week ago and so far it has not gone through. The process, as I understand it, is likely bugged due to auctions being up at the time and/or mail in the mail box. I’m unable to log onto the character to clear it. I waited the 24 hours as the support topic suggested and then contacted, or rather attempted to contact customer support. A week later, my ticket remains unanswered, with the estimated wait time bouncing from 24 days to 19 days then back up to 22 days and, at last check, 17 days. I would just like to be able to get onto the character and clear the mail/auctions so as to complete the transfer.

The is a mega thread below that the Blues are using clearing Mail.

Just so you know, the Blues here cannot disband arena teams or clear AH. You’ll have to do it on your own.


While Ravenhawk is correct that they’ve been clearing through mail for folks - that is for Classic people trying to take advantage of the Free Character Migrations.

I don’t know how you categorized your ticket that is already in the queue, but if you didn’t submit it under Purchase Failure, I would urge you to create a second ticket there, and reference your original ticket number. This would be one of the rare occasions where I would say to leave the original ticket up in addition to this new one.

Ticket times are unfortunately at an all-time high right now. If it’s been over a week, you should be getting nearer to the head of the queue. The good news though - the fluctuating timer is only an estimate based on the oldest ticket in the system. Your spot in that queue does not change, only working you closer to the head of the line as they’re being resolved. Generally speaking, your issue shouldn’t be too hard of a fix, it’s just waiting for your turn. When people came to CS before with the same or similar issue, it just needed a little GM TLC to kick it back into place.

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It’s been over a week since the character transfer was initiated. Even if auctions were preventing it at the time, those auctions would have since expired. The only reason I can think of that would be holding it up would be mail in the mailbox.

I opened a second ticket yesterday. The first was under character problems under In-Game issues. I was going to do it under Purchase Failure, but technically, it wasn’t a purchase failure. I bought the transfers weeks ago, used the first two without issue, and only the last one has caused a problem. No money was exchanged at the time of the final transfer.

It’s more like a problem with purchase, a billing issue. Technically this category was actually labeled as problem with purchase in the past.


It may not have had money exchanged at this stage, but it is still technically a failure of your purchase and our SFAs have advised people to use that categorization many times in the past. It’s also important because billing and account issues like this go into their own queue rather than general game issues.

Aye, that seems to be the issue - a ton in the mail.

System really shouldn’t let you start a transfer with active auctions or mail.

I do see both these open.

I went ahead and moved your older ticket into the proper queue. It has a higher priority than the one it was in. Hopefully you will hear something soon.


Thank you. I appreciate the reply.

And thank you for your help.