Character on Armory looks Red

Just a red outline/silhouette for my character. All my other characters look fine.


your not alone XD

Im right there with you.

Hello fellow blood red people!

hey, sup? heh

well the forums wont let me change my posting character, but my Nightborne hunter looks just like this too… From other posts on this it seems to only be affecting Nightborne and Lightforged Draenai?

Same here! Hope it fixes because it’s also like this on other sites x.x

man, been 2 weeks. can not believe this hasn’t been addressed yet.

It’s the red character gaaanggg

You look like a cute pink color. Easier on the eyes.

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Crying in red

I have this hope that it means Nightborne are getting an updated model!

Boomkins in moonkin form with the glyph of stars are white in the character panel in game as well.

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I’d wager it has more to do with Dracthyr considering how everyone affected by this has the same or similar restrictions on displayed equipment.

But as long as we’re putting our hopes out there, I’ll cross my fingers for playable Eredar. :japanese_ogre:

I’m having this problem as well, was wondering if it would be ‘fixed’ after a couple of weeks of maintenance or so, but I suppose not.

I am also noticing that this is only affecting Allied Races. I have 3 Zandalari Trolls and 1 Nightborne that is currently displaying this error. None of my other races are, not even the Drac.

How have they still not fixed this problem yet? :frowning:

I’m guessing they fired too many people, so what few people remain are just overwhelmed.

At first I thought it was just my phone, but I see that I’m pink here too, my least favorite color. Is it just Draenei that are going pink and Nighborne red?

Are we being singled out? :slight_smile:

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Post about this in the CS forums too until someone pays attention to this forum and finally fixes it

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I’m red too! :pensive:

But capitalism will only make this worse. Idiot kotic thinking he knows what he’s doing.