Character Missing From Forums

It may be worth to try logging in with Incognito mode (or whatever the private browsing mode of your web browser is called) so that you can be sure the login is fresh and the forum system will indeed sync. Worth a shot.

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It looks like you recently did a character transfer. It may just be a delay in picking up the character on the new realm after the move. But the suggestions from Humanbeak may also be worth giving a try.


(This is Levi)

I’ve had this issue for a while now. Despite no transfers or anything like that.

I gave the incognito mode a try and it didn’t help. :frowning:

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Thanks for the reply. It’s certainly possible. Tried the incognito trick and it seemed remove all my characters from the forums for about 24 hours, so I couldn’t even reply to this. It seems it refreshed at some point today because the same toons as before became available again. However, my rogue is still missing from existence. Nothing has helped. :pensive:

Alright, thanks for following up and for the others who chimed in. I believe Vrak received some other reports last night and escalated it as a possible forum issue.


Got word back that thanks to Vrak’s escalation they did find an issue and it should be resolved now. We’ll keep an eye out for new reports, but try logging out and logging in again if you had missing characters.


Awesome to hear that an issue was found! Unfortunately, I’ve tried logging in and out since your update, both on this website and in game, multiple times, including on incognito mode and from other devices, and I’m still missing my rogue. I’ll try again tomorrow perhaps and hope for the best.

No change for me either. Even did a cache clear.


Thanks - sent these examples up to be looked into.


He did, I was one of them but I had to DM him on twitter about it. My characters on the forums came back some time in the middle of the night.

Nice! A lot of people in my guild recently transferred realms about two+ weeks ago. They all have forum profiles missing on those characters. It’s really not a big deal as far as not being able to post on forums, but unfortunately many of the 3rd party websites for Classic pull from Blizzard forums to confirm character identity, class, and guild, since there is no armory for Classic. This essentially makes us non-existent in Classic WoW, unable to utilize Warcraft Logs, no armory data on, etc.

Hope whatever is causing this issue can be discovered. I’m sure there are many many more people out there with this problem.

I can’t access my classic character on the forums. I’ve tried logging out and in of both the forums and the game multiple times, but the classic character is still missing even though I actively play it.

Any update on this? Still can’t access my character unfortunately. And am transferring a couple other characters to new servers in a week or so, worried that I will have the same problem again with them, and essentially be unable to use many 3rd party tools that rely on the forums as a way to verify Classic WoW players and their guilds.

We haven’t heard anything new, but could you try logging out once more and logging in again?

If they’re still not there, please let us know for the ones missing:
Character name, realm, Shadowlands/Classic/TBCC


Levi here.

Tried a log out/in just now. I’m still missing the vast majority of mine.

Aerie Peak

  • Leviathan (my MVP posting char :frowning: )
  • Gremlin
  • Ntufnel
  • Foxlock
  • Niom
  • Darnasaric
  • Bengen
  • Seraeme
  • Valenas
  • Valeneam
  • Seraemean
  • Caresdi

Emerald Dream

  • Baestie

That leaves only 4 characters that I can see here on the forums.

I’ve done multiple logouts every day since I made this post. Will keep trying until it resolves!

The toon missing is Straato - Grobbulus - Classic TBC

I logged out and back in again, character is still not there.

Jassarin, Pagle, classic TBC.

Thanks for trying, I’ve shared these examples with the team that handles the forums so they can dig in further.


Still having this issue, been about 5 weeks since I transferred. Other than this thread, I posted one on the Forum Bug Report forums and opened a ticket about the issue.

My character is broken. The API for at least several hundred players is broken. Surely this can continue to be escalated because whatever has been tried thus far hasn’t helped.

I’m especially concerned since I plan on transferring two toons tomorrow morning after reset to a new server. I’ll be unable to use any 3rd party websites on them going forward until this issue is fixed. It is unique to toons that realm transferred it seems. The API is broken, as mentioned above, to where any realm transferred toons are stuck in some state of limbo on the back-end, where, for example, there is no “class” assigned to them. It’s set “playable class” = “0.”

Here is the other thread I made about this: TBC Classic Broken API/Forum Characters

Please please please Blizzard, help us out here. I know you are short staffed but this problem isn’t just about “being able to post on the forums.” It’s the fact that TBC classic players are unable to use any 3rd party tools unless their characters exist here on the forums.


There not short staffed lets get that outa way the unless its from the mouth of blizzard dont believe every reddit thread. Its one thing knowing a bug its another thing replicating and trying to fix it Blizzards aware of it but fixing it another thing altogether.

Its highly unlikely it will be fixed tommorow so u have either 1 of 2 choices either transfer and not have the info become available or wait till it become availble.

On a side note no one that fixes the issues come here the blue can check on something and confirm that its being looked into but cant give a ETA.