Can't choose my characters on the forums

So my desktop lost my toon to post on but my phone didn’t.
I logged out to see if it would fix seeing my toons armory, went to log back in and bam, lost my posting toon.
Tried wiping cache, nothing. Bonkers…

Blizz I think you broke the forums with maintenance :crying_cat_face:

Edit: tried the suggestion above to no avail. Even did lfr which took me awhile. I’ve logged back out, in. Even the armory is broken. Something needs to be fixed :confused:


Yeah getting 500 error on any searches on Blizz site too

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Same here. Only show two Vanilla characters.

I’ve followed the steps in the above blue post. Logged out of forums logged into game. Logged all character on the main server I play on (Khazhgoroth). Logged out of game and back into forums but still only shows two vanilla characters.

Update: something got fixed. I logged out of the forums after doing a swarm of things (like doin the blue posts thing AGAIN and Fen’s suggestion) and back in and BAM my toons were back! Looks like armory got fixed too, no more error 500.

I’m fixed :joy_cat:


Yes it does appear to be fixed now for those of us who had that issue.

I can get back to working on my thread. Lol


I have all my characters showing, but I can’t switch to any of them. I wanted to follow the advice here: Troubleshooting Steps for Missing Characters on the WoW Forums but I don’t see how to log off my current character on the forums. Every option I click doesn’t give me a choice to log off.

Again, all my characters are showing on the forums, but when I try to choose a different one to post with, nothing happens.

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I had this issue recently and a relog fixed. If that doesn’t do it for you then I suggest creating a new thread as it sounds like a different issue than what’s been reported here.


Thanks. I couldn’t log out of the forums, but I logged out of my account and back on. I tried changing characters and it worked–but it took a very long time for the forums to respond and make the actual change. Took even longer to get back to this character. But, it worked.


All my characters on my wow main account are missing again.

Last time this happened I had to reinstall the desktop app and the entire game.


Pretty sure it’s just the armory/forums broken again. Noticed my armory is broken again/when I went to my main Midnytee, her gear was “missing” (yet her ilvl was correct), her m+ was wiped, no pvp (yet I’ve done all of the above). When I go to this ones armory, it gives an error.
This happened last time and it resolved itself.

Might have something to do with the authentication issues from earlier. Give it some time. :heart:

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Having the same issue, one year later.
Only my WotLK characters are available for posting, none of the retail ones.

it says I don’t have any characters and tells me to start playing the game lol

It’s only showing my WOTLK classic toons lol Tried searching the name but it couldn’t find it…

Still can’t change characters come on now its been happening all this time and you can’t or won’t fix it…

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same here can’t change characters now. constant 500 errors on website too.

Same here. The only character showing on the character list on the forums is the DK I made in Wrath classic for the mount promotion.

I don’t have a character list on the main WoW website like I did before these errors started popping up, so the issue is present there as well.

I can see all my character but just can’t change to any of them…few months back I could …

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Same here, only my classic toon is showing alongside this toon so I wonder what gives? :woman_shrugging:t2: hopefully it get fixed soon


figured it out