Changes to Death Knight Character Creation Restrictions Coming - Week of March 20th

About time, even so, let’s hope they control this bot abuse because I don’t think it’s going to be enough.

because they will try to change the mechanics as a Modus operanti and we will return the same as seen in this post.

Looks like it worked…


This is too late. Mostly have 80’s to make dks anyway. Is till she 3 bots in each team at least.

I thought ya’ll banned 120k accounts?

Why is every bg still full of bots?

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It worked for a day, they are already back

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that was crazy

Ran bgs today wsg
Dk bots all day
Its ridiculous

I think I’m done. Uninstalled today, really hoping I can actually stay away awhile. The game is just in shambles. Has been for awhile.


‘malicious actors’ aka. the bots that blizzard swore didn’t exist

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Nice work, hate the DK bots!! way to go

NOW can we please BAN the ratings sellers / win traders in Shuffle over on WoW retail?? PLEASE!

They didn’t do anything. Don’t believe everything they tell you.

The only way they are going to go is right back to using boosts to bot like they did in TBC. :joy: Class don’t mean nothing.

You have an auto boot feature for toxic reporting, but you barely take action against bots. That number is the tip of the iceberg.

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The only problem is you did the ban before doing the restriction, so all week long DK bots have been filling up pvp battlegrounds after you banned them. They just made new accounts and new DK’s right away because you didn’t enact the level restriction prior to the bans.

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I just got a permanent ban\account closure due to BGing and some RL stuff came up. It happened a couple times (having to do with children and work) and I must have been spam reported. Can you guys look at the appeals please and reinstate? Been a loyal paying customer since original TBC with no history of suspension or ban and your automation could potentially just screw my other guild members.

If you’re into the building/shooter style games check out Satisfactory. It was a really good time dump while I was on a 1 week suspension for saying a no-no word. I just got back Friday and I gotta say I feel a lot more bored returning.

Dear Blizz, please ban more bots. BGs aren’t fun anymore.

Also, plz don’t kick me from WG while I’m talking to my team and not moving. I’m still being active.

Why post on your lowbie alt hiding blizz can tell who you are if they want lol.

You can talk to your guild in guild chat instead of while afking in a bg. Pro tip for the day