Changes Blizzard could make

You’re just trying to illicit a reaction from the no-change crowd by suggesting blizzard could make hidden changes to help hybrids.
Nice try but it’s still trolling.

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No I am serious.
Trolls are not.

Their entire posture at Blizzard is that they want Classic as an income stream. They see gold coins… they will do what they think promotes longevity.

this is actualy not a bad idea


Yes, everyone has a complete database of all items in game. It’s called datamining. Drop % doesn’t matter kiddo.

No you aren’t.

You are the troll.

proposes changes


Intronix likes to post this same thread every week or two. Been doing it for months.

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Thank you, based Ythisens.

Pro changers take heed!


You’re my favorite ox. :blush:


Am j the only one who doesn’t see his space goat avatar anymore?

I don’t see it either.

Woah… I’m the Ox. RIP Space Goat.

I have a reward posted for anyone that returns my avatar back to my profile. 1 year of game time for anyone that fixes it! (note: game time should work for classic!)


Could you ask about having OG unarmored mounts available in classic? I think that woe be cool

Doh! See, that’s why we need to get you your avatar back.

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Either way. I love the cm avatars. It was nice.

Any chance you can comment on the topic of potential raid retuning?

Leaving the numbers for raids as they are with 1.12 talents, gear/itemization, threat generation, and class abilities ends up being pretty far from

when MC is essentially reduced to sub LFR levels of difficulty.

Also, more than a little disapointed to see a CM doubling down on the relatively vapid #nochange meme, that forum morons have been spouting forth for the past year+… We both know it’s significantly more complicated than that rather reductionist statement tries to make it seem.

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Funny because back in warlords they did an mc LFR event and it wasn’t quite as easy as some would have thought.

That said I’d be all for pre 1.11 threat.


I wish I could embed gifs. Maybe you blues can. If so, just sign your posts with that.

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I mean, Golemag was dying in under 3minutes and Rag was only spawning his sons because the fight scripted that he couldn’t physically die before spawning them once… Even when MC was being speed run in AQ40 gear for bindings/eye of sulfuras those things didn’t happen in real vanilla.

LFR-MC was absolutely a complete joke compared to the OG.

As for randoms dying to it, LFR people are like “life” in Jurassic Park… They always find a way (to die). Lemmings have stronger survival instincts than most LFR players.

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