Certain Emerald Dreamway Portals Not Working

Hi! I just recently boosted a druid–Sjöfn of Stormreaver’s Alliance–and the portals in the Emerald Dreamway leading to Moonglade, Mount Hyjal, and Dreamgrove do absolutely nothing when I try to walk through them. They don’t even give me an error message or a loading screen. I’ve tried reloading my UI, and such to no avail. Any solutions, or is this just a boosted character bug?

It doesn’t look like you have completed any of the quests associated with the Druid Class Hall, Sjofn.

You’ll want to start with “A Summons from Moonglade”. which is from Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem, who should show up in Dalaran when you go there.


Someone flagged my last post as a violation of the rules of this site. How? All I did was explain a bug and provide the solution. Using the solution provided I was able to eventually open the Dreamway portals. But there was one more bug. When you finish the short quest line in Moonglade, make sure you don’t port to the Dreamway using the spell in your book or you will end up in the Dreamway with no way out. There’s no portal out and no NPC to do a quest with. If you get stuck in this way like I did, then find your way back to Moonglade and head back to Dreamway by standing in the lighted area rather than using your spell. This is the solution to the messy Druid 110 boost problems. Please don’t flag this valid solution.


How is rather obvious. As to why, I would assume it’s because you necroed a three-month old thread. I wouldn’t worry about it overmuch, given the content of the post.

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Oh. I thought a 3 month “old” thread was a young fresh thread. My idea of new and fresh is different from others’ I guess.

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Things change in the game really fast. In Customer Support it’s better to start new than reopen a 3-month old thread.

As for your issue, it wasn’t a bug. You were trying to start at the wrong spot. To get to new Dalaran and the Legion content you needed to talk to the recruiter just outside Orgrimmar for Horde and in Stormwind Harbor for Alliance. If you have done that content before you will get an option to skip the scenario.


Hmm. Of course, there is no way I could have known that I was supposed to go outside Orgrimmar to find a quest to allow the game to proceed. I did fly around Org just in case there was a quest for me somewhere, but I could never have guessed that I had to fly outside or Org into a level 10 zone so that I could start playing my level 110 toon.


Usually The Legion Returns pops up when you head into Orgrimmar, or if you relog you’ll be pushed it… or you can even pick it up from the Warchief’s Command board in the city. There are a lot of different ways to pick up the intro, since they try to help you get into new content as smoothly as possible.


The area just outside of Orgrimmar has quests for Cata, Pandaria, WoD and Legion content. The mobs may be level 10, but not all the NPCs are for level 10 content.


Yes. I realize that now. But as a newly boosted level 110 I couldn’t have guessed that. This should be an auto-accept quest situation, not a “fly around Azeorth accepting every quest you see until you find one that unlocks your level 110 quest chain.” And that wasn’t the only problem, as I explained in my posts.

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To be fair, that’s not 110 content; that’s level 100. If you exit the intro scenario, it’ll put you into a queue for The Battle of Lordaeron which pretty much straight-shot guides you through the initial 110 quests.


Ok, I stand corrected on the level number. It is 100 not 110. But I’m still saying that I shouldn’t have to fly across Azeroth opening every quest in order to locate the level 100 class quest lines. I had no idea where to look. I was just picking up WoW again for the first time in 8 months (despite paying for it all that time) and maybe I got frustrated by this oversight. I came here to help the community by explaining the bug, and then someone flagged my post as garbage. It’s not encouraging.


That’s fair.

It wasn’t flagged as “garbage”, just as a necro, that’s all.


Thanks to everyone. Are you able to see my original post by clicking on “View Hidden Content” or is it visible only to me? I started that post with the word “Wow” so that we know we both are talking about the correct post.

We can. :slight_smile:

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To be completely fair here, while you did necro a post, you did remind me I need to go open that stuff on my boosted Zandalari druid, before I can take advantage of it.

So while a new thread probably would have been more appropriate, thanks for the heads up at the same time.

And yes, we can see the post if we click show hidden content.

As was stated before, I did not see anything that was a violation perse, more of a huge thread necro.

Sometimes these things happen, though. We fully understand what you were thinking when you did it, don’t sweat it.


We can see it and not only is it a necro but it combative and flat out wrong. This isn’t a bug, you not knowing about how to get around is a feature of an MMO, you are supposed to have to figure things out by yourself. There are plenty of resources out there if you want to be lead around. WoW has become way too easy to get around in if you want my personal opinion, and is one reason why the world seems smaller then it is. People can simply skip around and get step by step directions on whatever they need to do, and while this does save time it takes a huge piece out of what you experienced when you had to run around and try to find things yourself.


The Class Hall quest line is auto-accept for a non-boosted toon, why are you saying it shouldn’t be auto-accept for a boosted toon? To me that’s an inconsistency. Why do you want inconsistency in game play? And as I indicated in my second post, Blizzard replaced the boosted druid’s teleport to Moonglade spell when it was still needed, and which was there for non-boosted players. As a boosted player I had to fly to moon glade while non-boosted players could use their spell. I count about 3 bugs here.

Because it isn’t a current level quest for a boosted toon. It is a low level quest line. Something not working the way you think it should is NOT a bug. It is a design choice that you don’t agree with. Again what you are describing are not bugs.


Not every feature in the game is placed there intentionally. This could have been an accident. Blizzard is good but not perfect. I should be allowed to point out inconsistencies and complications - I think that’s one of the reasons these forums exist. I should be allowed to make my case that this was a mistake.