Can't get on Benediction

Just renewed my sub for the first time since the slash spit incident in BC classic. Wanted to try Wrath again as I’ve been a hardcore Blizz fan since birth in the 90s. My brother whom is the only person I want to play with is on Benediction realm and so as soon as I got my sub activated I rushed to make a dude on Benediction. I waited 6850 queue for like hours or something. spend a good 20 mins making my dude look cool and come up with a wicked name. But then, suddenly, (Only players with characters already on this realm can make new ones.) Now I’m sad, running low on time tonight and just want to play some Wrath with my bro.

Unfortunately untill blizzard opens up the realm u wont be able to create new toons on benidiction.


I’m hoping they make a randomized character on Benediction for my account so I can get in, make my own dude on there and start playing. :man_mage: :crossed_swords:

Paladone is also me btw(I just switched the pic)

I don’t even have a count on how many people are bailing from high pop servers even as more want to pile in. There isn’t any way this is going to happen. If they unlock the servers, that’s one thing, but it’s been locked for a few weeks now with no end in sight. People are sitting in queues for upwards of 8 hours at a time just to get on these servers.

You two could roll new characters together on another server, but there is no possible way for our SFAs here on the forum or GMs through tickets to override something the Devs have put in place. If they did this for every single person who wanted to be that exception to the rule? Having locks on the servers would be pointless.

So long as the server is locked, there is nothing that can be done to get you on Benediction for the time being. I am sorry.

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I’ve seen’em do much crazier things many times before. Most people wouldn’t believe it maybe, but sometimes they’re very nice to a person.

Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. Your options are to wait until Benediction is unlocked, or to roll on a different realm.


I think it could happen. My options are my own.

Your options are limited really - that’s not coming from me as a player. That is coming from the staff that man this forum. Since the servers were locked down, there have easily been hundreds of folks (if not so many more than that) who have been broken up and separated. Most of them when a guild or friend group all decided to leave a mega server, but then the new server got locked down before it could become overcrowded.

Then there have been people who deleted characters on these locked realms, who assumed they could easily restore them later. Come to find out, they could not - unless they already had a character established on that realm. Even if they wanted to restore it just so they could transfer it - still not allowed.

You’ve only recently resubbed. Us folks who regularly haunt CS? This is just another case to lump into what has been the bulk of issues raised here since well before pre-patch hit and the Classic population went boom for everyone coming back. You’re welcome to keep your hopes up. Us who have seen person after person realizing it wasn’t happening and that the locked servers really meant that they’re locked and Devs aren’t making special exception cases? We just try and temper those hopes with reality.

Until the servers are unlocked, you will most likely not be joining Benediction.


Well, my bro is the one almost level 80 with the Ashbringer and buddies on the realm. He’s locked in, a hardcore player, leaving Benediction isn’t an option for him. I’m the one who’s supposed to catch up with his community. Even if the queue times quadrupled there I’d still pick Benediction because my place is there with my brother.

Then you will have to wait for the devs to unlock the server for new character creation. They set the rules and the GM staff has to follow those rules or risk termination from their job…aka, their source of income to pay their bills and such. They will not do this for you.


I’d rather ask a real :man_mage: Blizz :woman_mage: what they can do rather than stop here in my tracks after some discouraging words by forum wandering hopeless souls from the Shadowlands.

Think about it. If they do this for you, Blizzard needs to do it for every other player wanted to roll a character or transfer to that realm.

Kind of defeats the purpose of the realm lock.

AKA forum regulars, some of us who have been active here for 10+ years.


They wouldn’t have to let all others into the realm and remove the lock. My purposes for being on the realm are not the same as others. I’m sure there are many botters out there who want to shove 50 accounts onto the realm because it’s hot and the lock keeps them out. But I am a single true player in a dire situation. I just got my subscription activated for 15 buckaroos, patiently waited the long queue (which I don’t mind doing being an old WC3 player) designed my cool character and now it’s been hours after the queue hours passed and if the Shadowlands Players are correct I might not be able to play any of my one month subscription, it would’ve been a waste of $15, and worse yet I wouldn’t be able to play Wrath with my big bro… . …I’m sure a Blizzard :man_mage: can help me.

Yes, they would - to keep it fair with every other player who asked - for whatever reason they asked for.

They can - when the developers decide to remove the realm lock.



Greetings and welcome to Customer Support, not to be confused with Customer Service. This forum is one for players to assist other players. While you may see Blues posting here, they are not GMs, Devs, QA or anything else of that sort. They are SFAs. They’re here to offer advice and insight, and to keep us hoodlums in line. They do not answer tickets or anything of the like, and this forum is not to be used to circumvent the ticketing system.

Also, we forum wandering hopeless souls do a lot for people. You may not like the answers we have, but we don’t troll nor do we provide false information for the lolz. This is the most heavily moderated forum there is. But since you’re disparaging what we’ve tried to tell you, here is Blizzard’s information.

That is the article of what they will allow and where.

And there are so many single true players just as stuck. If one exception is made for a single true player, then all of them must be given exceptions as well.


Their hope in the Blizzards was much higher 10+ years ago, Before Pandaland and the end of the Age of Dragons. the ladder I don’t believe is actually returning as they say, at least not in heart, spirit and soul… Also I’m not referring to all forum regulars like you say

I’m only referring to you few individuals in here casting drain hope on me, not ALL Forum Regulars. Jeez don’t be painting over the meaning of my sentences… Elune help these forums…

I don’t think anyone’s intending to drain any hope, but are instead trying to set more realistic expectations. You really aren’t the first to ask for an exception, and I doubt you’ll be the last. You’re not even the first to want to join family and friends; if it isn’t a sibling, it’s a spouse, a cousin, a parent, etc.

You can submit a ticket and ask, but be prepared to wait a full week for the answer to be no.

Edited to add: Also, it’s after 4am in Texas (where most of Customer Support is, including the Blues here) and after 2am in California. You’ve got several hours yet before any of the agents here log in, and even then, it’s very highly likely they’re going to close the thread and reinforce what you’ve been told already.


You’re disparaging people who are giving you accurate information. I would personally love to tell you to “of course submit a ticket and they will be able to make all your wishes come true!!!”, but in reality, the GMs must abide by what the Devs have dictated. Every player is treated fairly, even if it is not giving in to each and every request. If a server is locked, then no one gets in no matter the reasoning.

I am sincerely sorry you came back so full of hope but not knowing how dire the servers, queues and all of this muck really is. If your subscription was just purchased very recently, you can of course request a refund and just keep an eye on the server situation. Once they decide to lift the lockdown, then perhaps resubscribe so you can play with your brother. I do wish you luck, no matter.

If you do want to try and get your subscription refunded, you can try the self-help tool by going here:


I came here to try to get ahold of an official Blizzard wizard, not players. If there are none here than I’ve come to the wrong place. I clicked support to get some support from someone with at least a little bit of powers. Which makes everyone’s

A bit hope draining