Canadian Dollar (CAD) Price Change for World of Warcraft Game Time (Excludes Subscriptions)

I don’t feel like your time gating ways and that RNG tower of the damned is worth the increase tbh.


Your time will come to contribute in funding Bobby’s new Yacht. No one will be spared !!!


Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick’s total compensation fell slightly in 2019, from $30.8 million in 2018 to $30.1 million a year later.

a quick search on google really gives a good visual as to how much blizzard is struggling for money right now - so much so that good ol bobby ONLY took home a cool 30mil

your leaders & decision makers are trash to the umpteenth degree. I don’t think any more needs to be said.


…ok I hate capitalism and all it stands for, but I have to point this out sadly. Right now, Blizzard is not registered as a charity, so they kind of have all the fiduciary responsibility to do this…

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Wait what? You mean Canadians have been paying less that USA customers the whole time?

We have seen some confusion and wanted to clarify that this change does not affect CAD recurring subscriptions.

What did you get? I’m looking for new stuff to play as well.

Torchlight III and Bugsnax.

their is a tax that comes in as the other expense for converting from CAD to USD, or vise-versa, so bliz is pricing to account for that, and tbh probably a few cents to allow for inflation/deflation

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Of course we were, and we get free health care too :slight_smile:.

I don’t think it’s free… don’t you pay more than 40% of your income in taxes? I’m pretty sure that’s how the Canadian gov’t pays for health care accessibility to all it’s citizens, which is great imo, but it’s not free.

Just asking because that’s my understanding, but I don’t live in CA so wouldn’t surprise me if I’m mistaken.


Ok, take all my statements here with a grain of salt, I’m working from memory, so all facts may not be 100% accurate or precise, but I’ll give you the best I can remember.

It’s not quite that bad, I think I’m closer to 20-25% in either taxes or similar things (Old age pension, employment insurance), but your basic point is valid, it’s not exactly free, but it’s a flat rate for everyone so you don’t get go broke when you need surgery or whatever. I think the main reason it helps is it prevent the hospitals from charging insane prices for basic cheap stuff ( A $40 aspirin, etc.), since the government will just tell them no, so it brings the overall prices down.

There is a partial down side of losing talented medical personal to better paying jobs at private US hospitals (the “brain drain” I believe it’s called.)

As for above, I couldn’t resist making a sad joke to distract me from my sub price going up :frowning:.

I continue to be confused…sorry. Does this mean that if we have a 6-month sub going right now for $97.99 CDN, and we maintain that, it’ll continue to renew at that rate for the next 6 months?

Because the OP here says that 180 Days Game Time (6 months) will be $115.99. Which will it be the next time we are billed, if we generally want to maintain a 6-month sub for the maximum discount?


Oh…wait, there’s a distinction between “Game Time” and “Subscriptions”? I’m not sure I understand what the difference is in this case. Can someone explain?

i thought current price was steep and now this… ill let me 6 month sub run out. been fun blizz but maybe i can find something new to play.

also just went to account management and the site is currently down lol

If they do raise the price in the US i will not be paying it, I will play Ashes of Creation when it releases instead.

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Game Time is a one-time purchase (whether it’s 30, 90, or 180 days). This price is going up for CA.

Subscriptions are a recurring purchase that is automatically charged to your bank, credit card, PayPal until you cancel your subscription. This price is NOT going up.


Just to reiterate, subs are unaffected by the new pricing which only affects one-time purchases of game time. At least at this time.

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Can’t even balance the subscription model.

How do I say this as politely as possible…

Thank you for hitting our wallets while we are struggling with the global pandemic.

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Thank you


Let me get this straight. You want us to pay more to grind more in your game?

This to me shows how bad wow is actually doing. I’m guessing this is now going to be a on going thing with Blizz with the price increases.

Are you predicting a massive subscription losses within the next few months? That’s why your doing the price increase?

Increasing the prices should be across the board not cherry picking. Maybe they don’t want to upset too many people at the same time.

To our cousins in the south you’re next.


Why on earth would you do this during a pandemic? Just Blizzard things I guess


Well Blizzard way to go one of my good friends I played with for over 12 years unsub’d and refuses to come back to stand his ground for your price change…

I’m from the US and I’m against this. :rage: