Can you please hire a different artist for Hunter Tier Sets?

At least it isn’t eyeballs.


the only positive.


It’s like they made the helmet and was like

“Well, thats enough effort for this set”


man screw evokers

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the druid one looks amazing


How hard can it be to make a bullet pouch on the waist, make the back a quiver and add like a skinning knife to the boot or chest or something.

The trap being on the belt looks kinda cool but the rest looks awful


I don’t think anyone hates that evokers got something cool. It’s just sad to know they won’t even be able to show it off since most pieces don’t show in Dracthyr form. Meanwhile hunters are stuck with… /gestures

Evokers also prove that Blizzard can make cool mail sets. Shamans get good ones too, actually.


The bear trap on the waist is the only redeeming part of this set.

And knowing blizz, it’ll be tied to the pants, not the belt.


idk if they know how to make hunter gear right w/o trying to make it not look like druid.
i guess its kinda hard to do. they might need to make more mogs based on things that could be hunted.
like bear fur or something idk hell part of it the mog reminds me of a lock lol.

Hunters should be animal pelts.

Druids should be nature.

Blizzard for some reason thinks Druids should be animal pelts, even though they don’t kill animals, and hunters should be skulls even though that would be disrespecting their hunt.


Looks like a Furry Demon Hunter…

hunters always have the worst sets…they need to change this


It has to be intentional at this point right?

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Speak for yourself, I think hunters got some of the best looking mogs. I still rock the challenger mode hunter mog from MoP on my hunter. Looks badass, I got so many mogs on my hunter that look awesome. I would say warrior and DK mogs come in second.

They already have mogs of this, some I got from the trading post.

Boring af hahaha!

I think it’s going to look great on my worgen druid! Won’t be maining my tauren druid in TWW. With cross server guilds I can go back to being alliance!

I actually think the hunter set looks fine.

The warrior set looks absolutely atrocious with that helm and shoulders. The horns are too dang big. Blizzard needs to stop it with that.

I believe Hunters need realistic sets like this…

I couldn’t agree more. As someone who already finds WoW not very pretty, the awful hunter sets make is so much worse. I really believe the art team needs to reconnect with the players and the theme, because their misses on design are one of the most consistent elements of WoW.

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