Can you please hire a different artist for Hunter Tier Sets?

It’s not even a joke at this point, it’s just reality that the hunter set 100% will be horrible. There’s only been 2 sets that even said hunter, and those were Tier 2 and Nighthold Tier.

Every other set had no semblance of hunter in them, and were just ugly to be blunt.

Look at the comments on this wowhead post compared to the other classes that had their tier previewed too. Hunters and non-hunters expect hunter tier to be ugly and are rightfully calling this ugly.

The shoulders of the warrior and druid tier 1000% had more time invested in them than the entirety of the hunter set and you can’t convince me otherwise.

EDIT: And here’s the Evoker set, for those who think it’s just a mail thing:

This looks AMAZING. And the worst part, is you won’t see it 99% of the time because evoker armor doesn’t show in combat or anytime they’re in their Dracthyr form.


I think Blizzard lost the hunter class fantasy when they started putting skulls on it and calling it hunter tier.

Skulls don’t say hunter. They say Death Knight or even Warlock.

Animal Hides do. Hunters would NEVER disrespect an animal by using only its bones. Rexxar is a prime example of this - he has bones on his outfit, but the primary outfit is the pelt of the animal.


ROFL Blizzard why do you hate us?

From tier 2 to this, you’re always giving us the middle finger.


As someone who does not play a hunter, i enjoy seeing their meme sets XD


They keep making those druids look so delicious though :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Keep it stylish druids :kissing_heart:


Yeah. I don’t understand it.
The helm and shoulders are giving more… Druid?
And everything else is giving more Rogue. This is not a Mail set. Such a disappointment.

And why do we have the Skull of Mannaroth on our left shoulder?

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I don’t mind going back to the “wearing skulls of a thing we killed” motif, but it’s a little silly that we’re going “woodsy boar trophy” when the first raid is against 3 billion spiders.

I dig the makeshift boot knife and the little bear trap at least.

Honestly if blizz wants to “borrow” stuff from other games. Hunters would benefit from Monster Hunter like sets.

I saw that tuskarr soup cutscene Blizz. I know you got someone there that plays it.


It’s actually funny how Monster Hunter does the “you killed a thing and made a hat out of it” thing good pretty consistently.


And now Evokers get this INCREDIBLE tier set.


The set I have on now, with my two Bakaar pets, and my green Eagletalon and Thas’dora with green foxes from Ardenwield are the only mogs I ever need.

The bear trap is kind of cool… unless it’s a part of the pants. I only like the bear trap if it’s a part of the belt.


Getting real sick and tired of hunter sets looking like bone dried roadkill


I like it. It will especially look good on my troll hunter.

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Meanwhile, my hunter will be over here with her old lady pants.

I want a blizzard developer to look me straight in the eyes and tell me the same amount of time and effort went into the hunter set that did the evoker set.

If the problem is the hunter art team doesn’t like playing hunter, they need to find new people for the hunter sets.

And the fact evokers won’t even see their tier set if they stay in dracthyr form is icing on the cake. They spent more time on something people won’t see.


It actually pains my heart to know that set is for Evokers which wont do it a lick of justice.

PS “Mail” armor btw


I like this outfit for hunters

I don’t think it’s a raid set but it’s a little convincing. Yes, fine maybe I will eat you.

Blizzard doesn’t really seem to know what hunter fantasy even is anymore.


That’s… pretty messed up when you put it that way.


I like the little details, but overall it just feels bland. It’s nice the evokers are getting a cool mog, I don’t think our frustration at hunter sets should be a good basis for going after other classes receiving something cool, but I do wish hunters would have the same sort of effort and thought put into their sets as some of these other sets like the evoker set have clearly received.