Can you please hire a different artist for Hunter Tier Sets?

The Evoker set is literally Deathwing armor. Amazing!
But unfortunately i hate visage form and also i hate Blizzard for abandoning Dracthyr real form.

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my god

why are the shoulders asymmetrical.

Blizzard I deal enough with that nonsense on Destiny 2 with the same named class holy guacamole I-


I like parts but it is overall bad. Maybe someday hunters will stop getting bland and often awkward-looking sets.

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I think Blizzard lost the hunter class fantasy when they started putting skulls on it and calling it hunter tier.

Skulls don’t say hunter.

Animal Hides do. Hunters would NEVER disrespect an animal by using only its bones. Rexxar is a prime example of this - he has bones on his outfit, but the primary outfit is the pelt of the animal.


lol why do you think my mog is like this? Hunter sets have been ugly since forever, as well as most mail gear


My main mog is class-neutral. Literally any class in the game can use my main mog. Because the mail sets are so bad lol.

I switched to the valentines set for a bit cause I wanted to add some pink to the game. Lol.

Hunter sadly got burdened with asymmetrical shoulders a while back and we’ve been struggling to shake it.


It needs to be retired.


He looks like he’s ready for a long night of peeping through people windows.

It isn’t an undead murloc so I think you will be fine

Are literally just a reskinned suffusion crucible set. Questing greens.

Be disappointed in the hunter one all your want but don’t go calling the warrior one good xD.

The Hunter set has old lady linen pants.

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Or at least, give us the option to mirror either one. The set would look slightly better with two sets of tusks.

I don’t think “has horns” is enough to qualify those as a reskin.

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They aren’t even remotely similar apart from both having horns.

Uh… why does my druid set look like it should be the shaman or hunter set?

Again, be disappointed over the hunter set. That’s fine. But don’t go claiming reskinned questing gear from, at the point we will get this year, the last expansion is good xD.

Yeah they are, it’s reskinned but it’s the same aesthetic and design choice.

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You’ve seen your grandma wearing those pants. Admit it.

A mix of ugly and bland.


Why are you hung up those pants with me specifically xD.

Not saying the hunter set is good. Just that the warrior one is also bad in my opinion.

Sorry I was trauma dumping.