Can we just move on and accept that there wont be RDF

Yo, chill out. You flagged me for no reason. I did this filtering bs a while ago, but say that to the average wow player that is just starting and doesnt even know that everyone uses an external addon. I found a guy one of this days, that had this problem. He was starting fresh in classic and no one told him how people form groups now.


I personally cannot wait to fly to my 300th dungeon over the course of a month or two, I definitely will not ever question what part of flying to a dungeon is fun. Man, flying is so immersive, every time I fly to a dungeon I get so immersed in the world and then I start socializing with my friendly party that is also friendly because they are all so immersed from flying to hundreds of dungeons.


So then play Retail.

Tbh with DKs and dual spec, it’ll be no issue finding a group as any class/spec.

Its one of those mandatory things, like DBM. Its not ideal and yet its leaps and bounds better than the beta tool, except for being ugly. Neither is a solution of course since, again, the root of the issue is having to contort around other people’s whims to be able to join groups, which neither the beta tool nor the addon aim to fix.

So then play Retail.

I’d rather not play if its all the same to you. Enough time with a wasted tank / healer unable to do group content due to terrible grouping options. Not worth it to keep paying for that.

Tbh with DKs and dual spec, it’ll be no issue finding a group as any class/spec

Thats some very strong hopium.

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I wan’t to understand this. Whats exactly wrong with the beta tool? Because I didn’t find any difficulty in forming groups both on beta and PTR with the tool, except maybe finding a healer took a bit longer. What I know is that its harder to gatekeep other people on this tool and I think thats positive.

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RDF is not used for end game content in retail, the LFG tool is as you can not queue rated bgs, arenas, mythic raids, mythic or mythic+ instances and have to go through the LFG tool instead.

The removal of RDF and the implementation of a LFD tool in LKC is more of a retail change than having RDF.

It isnt though. You convinced yourself that retail is dead because you dont like the game, but there is no blizzard evidence of either wow game being more popular than the other, and the best evidence we have is logs which shows both games to have evenly popluated raiding playerbases.

If you want classic so badly though, SOM and classic servers are that way ------>.

Go have fun champ, leave lich king alone, its for us players who like the feel of classic without hating ourselves.


People wanted Classic for a variety of reasons. Sitting on my hands staring at LFG/BB and whispering, “inv” isn’t my idea of socialization.


None of which matters really if none of those people are Blizzard.

What Blizzard wants is to offer a gameplay experience different from Retail. The removal of RDF accomplishes just that.


Then don’t, make friends and run dungeons with them which is intended game design.

I’m surprised being asked to play a game is so controversial these days.

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It doesn’t auto-update, it has a lack of filtering options. It is required to post in the LFG channel, leading to a large amount of single postings of, “don’t invite me” or otherwise. Few people want to take the initiative and lead groups, leading to people waiting longer. It doesn’t do anything to communicate just who is applying to groups either - and DPS see a wall of, “declined” because they’re so replaceable and the tool doesn’t treat them as a person.

Gatekeeping is even easier on this LFG tool than before.


Too true too true preach brother.

Its so immaculate really, to feel the weight of what im seeing and what im viewing. Its so beautiful that I just get lost in time…

Until my friend in discord says “Dont worry ill summon you” because ive been num locked flying into a mountain for the last 12 minutes because i was immersed in a youtube video on my second moniter.


Agreed. It’s time to move on from convincing blizzard to implement RDF to the next phase, trying to get good improvements to the LfG tool. My suggestion is a teleport to dungeon button for all pre wrath 5 man dungeons.

The guildies/friends I have aren’t always online, or able to run a dungeon (or more) with me. They also might not have characters my level, if I’m leveling an alt.

This is a poor dismissal as this just does not reflect the reality of the game. People need to run a lot of dungeons, especially in TBC/Wrath, and the community just doesn’t support this, “just make friends and have a fun time yada yada” way of playing the game anymore.

RDF is still playing the game. Moreso, in fact, as while I’m in queue I can do dailies and the like. Plus, I’d be more willing to tank.


Spoken like a true Retail crybaby. DKs are ezmode and dual spec is the kind of trashy casual-mongering that led to Retail being the joke that it is.

it’ll be just as bad as the current one because they’re both functionally the same. Just a sorting list of people who care enough to sign up, for you to manually sort through and work with, not much different from targetted /who. It doesnt facilitate, encourage or do anything, except presenting a listing. Everything has to be done manually by players themselves, which is why both of them are failures.

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No, because after a few months without RDF, more and more people who have/had no opinion on this will suddenly have one once they realize how bad It’s going to be without RDF.

Blizzard will implement it prolly later this year or next year, alongside a “we listened” apology.


Even if the teleport was only for Vanilla dungeons since at least TBC ones you could have flying and the dungeons aren’t on the other side of the world from where you’re questing. It just isn’t worth the travel and party forming time to run a dungeon sub 60.


but then you got a knock and terrible retail tool? how does that make sense?

I know some of you are new to Blizzard games in general, but this would be far from the first time where they turned around after 4-6 months and said “whoops, the community was right after all, our bad! We’ll totally listen more in the future instead of tripling down on bad launch decisions!”


It’s not my first game, it’d just be nice if they didn’t do it and we went into Wrath more sure of it.

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