Can we just move on and accept that there wont be RDF

With the new blue post from yesterday, we already know that blizz is not willing to put RDF in the game, so why don’t we carry on with what we’ve got and try to improve it? just move on and give feedback about the new LFG tool. I’ve seen people even considering still using LFG Bulletin Board and /1 LFG Channel. Are you guys crazy? This addon is crap! I mean, it is pretty useful, but the amount of advertisement on it is ridiculous, you can’t even click to whisper someone when its too crowded and moving fast. Please, unistall that addon when prepatch hits and move on with the LFG tool. Don’t ruin the game because of your pride.


For now, yeah, I’m giving up the fight until later.
I rather go and see if we can get the new LFG to be better somehow. I’m not happy with their garbage response but I agree with you at this point…

Also me:

Edit: I’ve changed my mind to keep fighting for LFD/RDF.


Nope. You misread what he said. The post said “no plans currently” not “will never do”

this basically means now’s the time to push for rdf.


Because its not a matter of iteration its the design principle behind that is wrong. Requiring stranger cooperation / aproval to do small group content is wrong. No amount of bells and whistles added to the beta tool will change that fact.


This is why we shouldn’t move on and/or accept anything.



rdf came out in 3.3


If the game is ruined due to a failed tool that isn’t on the player base. It’s due to a stubborn development team(not always their choice to implement something or not) and a failed research department.(most likely the case) You cant expect great research to come from someone getting payed minimum wage to scour old and new forum posts about a topic and then attempt to propose well thought out decisions.


Some of us moved on months ago lol

I’m fine with, and prefer no RDF.

But revert the LFG channel changes, finding a group that way was fine.


Leveling alts will be atrocious without RDF, let’s do the SAME quests we just did for TWO YEARS and because it is faster than running to dungeons you want to do, dungeons will be skipped over.

No RDF killed non-wrath dungeons for good, can’t wait to be SOCIAL while I am leveling solo in the barrens and tanaris for the 60th time.

No RDF is 100% a money grab to get people to buy boosts and they will deny it forever but it’s so obvious


in other news: the sky is blue and water is wet



some of us aren’t gullible enough to fall for the “spirit of classic” and “social” spiel while 70 boosts and faction transfers and horde vs horde bgs go on all around us, somehow me being teleported to a dungeon makes the game too easy but buying 1-70 and missing all that prime socialization and meeting people is fine


That’s why people wanter classic. Stop asking for retail you already have it. If all these changes are so good why is retail dead?


Flagged for trolling. Anyone with the addon can see the filters in it so setting it up to block unwanted dungeons / raids or boost / gdkp spam is obvious.

The only improvements they could make to the system is for it form a group for you based on the role you’ve selected. That’s basically the core part of RDF, so they might as well give us RDF.

Thats the whole point of Blizzard trying to make this tool. Reading a channel thats getting completely spammed with posts is not efficient, nor does it work ‘fine’. Even Blizzard realizes that this is a terrible way to find (or not find, in many cases) a group for the dungeon.

You do realize you’re on the WoW forums right?

Uh idk about that. Took my hunter about 5 min to get a SV run. A lot better than a 1 hr queue

  • Retail currently has more subs than Classic.
  • RDF was left behind after the inclusion of Mythic+ and LFR
  • Plenty of wrong and bad decisions led to retail’s current state, it has nothing to do with community or ease of access to trivial content.

Uhm… pretty sure people wanted to experience old content they missed out on, or the nostalgia of going back to it. NOT spending hours looking for groups.


X for doubt.