Can we just move on and accept that there wont be RDF

Well put.


This doesn’t prove anything wrong and it doesn’t answer my question.

The removal of RDF caused more backlash than any other decision they’ve ever changed their mind on.

If they haven’t changed their minds on RDF yet due to the months of backlash, what makes you think they will with a few more months of backlash?

Can you answer the question or not?

Blizzard devs are enjoying the forum seethe it brings them joy and laughs.

So keep making threads

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In your first comment you mention the rage behind no faction/race change, and follow it up with “hasn’t done anything.”

Blizzard has changed their minds on that.

Because they just did with race/faction change.

Stop dropping your Ls all over the place.

“we will not be releasing RDF… AT THIS TIME…”

Enough said.

No Empathy. I’m talking about the rage for RDF. The rage for RDF was more intense than the rage for faction/race changes.

And yet, Blizzard hasn’t folded on RDF.

Please actually read my posts that you are replying to.

Ok, and you realize that RDF has received probably one hundred times more backlash than race/faction change? Why do you think they caved on race/faction changes and not RDF, despite there being a disproportionate amount of more backlash?

Someone else strawmanning me and not reading my posts is not me taking an L.

That’s not even what they said… did you even read it?

This is what they said. There’s no “at this time”. They have no plans to add the random dungeon finder, PERIOD.


I still refuse to give up the fight!


I feel the same. Its time to transition from trying to get RDF in game, to improving the tool we are getting in game

Bloomsday Bloomsday Bloomsday.

You can emulate being a brick wall all you want, we all know who you are.

Blizzard says no to thing A.

Players get mad.

Blizzard says no to thing B.

Players get mad.

Blizzard then changes their minds on thing A.

Then Bloomsday comes in and tries to convince everyone around that players getting mad at thing A did nothing and thus getting mad at thing B will do nothing, despite Blizzard changing their minds on thing A.

Sorry that I had to break it down to this basic level of comprehension, but you require it.

Hold the L.


I refuse to use this tool. If my guild can’t help me then I guess I don’t really need it.

While I appreciate you shifting goal posts after realizing you read incorrectly, I’d still like you to try and answer my questions. My questions again:

Can you answer them or no?

Absolutely. So many more groups would form and so many more conversations would happen with RDF while leveling opposed to solo questing for days. In no way does this change improve anyone’s social experience.

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Thank you for that suggestion but I am going to have to take a hard pass.

Nobody uses it. Nobody will use it. I use it. No one else does. Instead, they spam LFG for exactly my role until I whisper them. Your words fall on deaf ears as they always have.

Here’s my feedback to improve the current system: Replace it with Wrath’s RDF tool. Job’s done.

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Its more like:

Blizzard says no to thing A, players get mad.

Blizzard continues to say no to thing A, players still mad.

Blizzard continues to say no to thing A, players still mad.

Blizzard continues to say no to thing A, players still mad.

Blizzard says no to thing B, players slightly mad but honestly not that much (there was plenty of support for removing race/faction change).

10x more Blizzard says no to thing A, players still mad.

Blizzard backtracks on thing B.

Mad players suddenly think “look, it worked for thing B so it must work for thing A!”

Then Bloomsday (yes we all know hes generally a troll) comes in and points out that thing B and thing A are not the same based on this history.

Its not necessarily the case that continuing to be mad on the forums is pointless, but to believe it is the same as the race/faction change decision is silly. Go ahead and continue to be mad and voice your opinion on the forums, but don’t delude yourself into believing the race/faction change decision means you are likely to be successful on RDF.


Oh my goodness! EUREKA!

Logic returns! Thank you Denwen.

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Youll have heirlooms this time, unlike in TBC and Vanilla.

RDF is unnecessary, please move on.


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No, you never understood my point.

Now you’re coping about goal posts when I already kicked the field goal a while ago.

Has always been my point.

Now you’re the one shifting posts because I never fell, or even got close to your wordplay trap.

I’m not answering, nor do I care to answer your irrelevant question, when all I was doing was showing you the fault in your original logic.

Grip that L tighter.

Really? Cause the crowd’s cheering for me, they’re coming out in support of me, after I made a slam dunk!

I accuse you of shifting goal posts, and your rebuttal is “NO U!!!”?

It’s because you can’t answer it. Answering it would show that your comparison doesn’t work at all.

I have yet to hear in detail why Blizz classic team are leaving RDF out…Im not buying the overly vague “social fabric” argument. I have to believe with classic/ SoM something is not working as intended for whatever reason and they simply can’t figure it out.