Can we get Female satyr? Broken? etc and male Shivarra/Harpies etc

These are just the same as draenei and don’t look very interesting at all. Naga and centaur would be far cooler.

This is such a bizzare thread to me. Like what is the problem with a female saytr. Like sure they always been a male encompassing species but maybe change it up spice it up ya know. Mermaids in harry potter are not the same as ones in disney

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And we’re back to appeal to authority

“Modern mythology”?

You do realize that the myths of the Greeks date back two-and-a-half millennia, right? Or are you as well informed on this as you are on everything else in this thread?

It’s largely inaccurate. That’s why Blizzard is going out of their way to design the Incubus as such instead of re-labeling it as ‘male Succubus’.


It is like that song More than words.

You cant make a counter argument go away by just saying it is not according to what you propose.

If someone is arguing against you, that implies what your proposition is based on is not agreed by them, so it is really not that smart to try to answer a critique by stating that according to what YOU propose, you are right.

And they’re not called “mermaids” - they’re called “merfolks” or “merpeople”.

That’s actually a pretty good (unintentional) support of my argument.

You can’t have a male mer-MAID.

I’m just going to point to the guy who says “appeal to authority” and “Greek mythology” over and over again.

I’m not the one with the repeating issue here. lol

What kind of question even is that? LOL Blizz came up with an entirely different backstory and history for their satyr, just as Rift did.

I mean, why use the term Elysian Fields or wyvern or the other boatloads of references that also don’t match up with mythology? Oh right… because this isn’t mythology, it’s Warcraft lore.

Do y’all get confused or rage over other fantasy storylines that create their own versions of things?

All of this bickering is pointless.

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This conversation makes me want to dip into my primary language, in which words have “genders.” Some words are inherently male. Some are inherently female. “Satyr” is an inherently male word. It would be so strange to use the term for a “female Satyr.” It’s an oxymoron. Why not create another term, as they did for Succubi and Incubi?

But this is such a bizzare thing to be upset over. Why arent you upset that a succubus species in wow thats been predominantly female with no hints of males in warcraft universe. Is getting change with a male incubus?

Again… why use the term at all, then? If they aren’t satyrs in any meaningful way, why use the term?

Another fact: Satyrs and Fauns are part of the “Mix and match Critters”

Another fact: Said critters or races doesnt have to be exactly the same as every other critter or race from all other fiction etc.

(I mean why would you want that isnt part of worlds and fiction to be Creative) Not every dragon needs to be “a fire breathing wyvern” etc. or a beast. Some can be intelligent etc. And I Mean with wows Dragon lore and Beast creatures etc I dont see how the fact that These stuff Contradicts the Satyr stuff ESPECIALLY when it is from other beasts tribes in non greek culture etc. What makes Greek culture so special that we have the need to “Cater to its feelings”?

I mean fair point they are mermaids though i was just reffering the movies since it never mentions mermales. Have to reread the books sometimes good to see another harry potter fan here i guess. Edit im just trying to understand both sides here im just usually here for popcorn but im genuinely curious.

Not “predominantly female” so much as “exclusively female” - which is the crux of the argument about female satyrs.

The succubus is an essentially female demon.

The satyr is an essentially male spirit creature.

You can’t really make an opposite gender version of either and have them remain the same creature.

Are you arguing with phodge?

Because the second paragraph couldnt have targeted him any better.

probably because they thought it sounded cool.

does there really need to be a reason though? people use words and concepts in new ways all the time. blizz are most definitely not the only ones with a universe full of things that don’t resemble whatever they’re named after.

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I’m not upset over it. Just pointing out it’s a relatively stupid request, since Blizzard would have to create a whole new race from scratch.

It’s accurate?

From what I understood, the Incubus is being added.

People misuse words and concept in incorrect ways all the time as well.

There’s no reason to conflate the two and legitimize the latter.


I’m not saying they can’t do it. Just that it seems rather asinine to do so. Amusing, even, given the origin of the term.

But if you were to know it was natherazim that were orginally before shadowlands ofc retcon it to be male equivalent of succubus which was really unique tbh. Then dansuer came and messed it up