Can we get Female satyr? Broken? etc and male Shivarra/Harpies etc

Going to point you to exactly what Blizzard added into WC3 and the NPCs name as to why this is irrelevant:

Satyr Sahdowcaster :point_down:

They’re satyrs in this universe. Why use any of the other terms? Your logic makes no sense. Female satyr have existed as part of the lore for quite a long time now, not represented in game until WC3, but a female satyr has a male satyr body in Legion.

There’s nothing to nitpick here. Satyr are both genders in Warcraft lore. Period. End of story.


The only useful idea in this whole thread by the looks of it.

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ah, fair enough.

They should of added this to avoid this whole arguement so it never existed. Oh well glad phodage is a harry potter fan.

It would be a win for blizzard as I am quite certain the night elf community would appreciate and many former players would like the change.

If they did make that, it will be taken down within a month as it will be considered “Sexist, add any other derogatory word here” have you not been paying attention to recent events? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’d be nice to see the female satyr in Legion actually get her female form, too.


This whole thread is surreal. Like a bad trip on bath salts.


By your reasoning, it’s okay to add men into the game to add equality, but not women.

But this thread doesn’t need to devolve into that. This is just about adding something that should have already been there and that WC3 already added, too.

Sure, there is. “Female satyr” is an amusingly oxymoronic term.

Yes, they are. That doesn’t make the above observation any less valid.

I am not asking for a playable race here. Or customization options Its just a NPC.

Shouldnt be that Huge.

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There is a trend of self help coaching that states being assertive makes your life more positive.

That doesnt mean repeating yourself and adding meaningless words or imperative expressions works.


Blue is red.
Blue is red ok.
Blue is red dont you understand.
Blue is red period.

It only makes you seem like a crazy person.

Huzzah! Someone gets it!

You can find the name funny, that’s fine. I just wanted to point out that they exist. And with that, I’m done now. :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t you find it deeply ironic you are calling for mythological purity on your orc?

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Yes and a Satyr is a Satyr and a Faun is a Faun.

I’m not calling for anything. :wink:

And Tolkien pervaded the original meaning of the term “Orc” long before WoW had a shot at doing so.

Irony impairment might make the DSM very soon if the guys responsible spend some quality time reading this forum.

Someone also pointed out to me that the Female Satyr in Aszuna is a lesbian. This is another reason for why they should have their own models.

In my warlock grimoire stables post I updated to add the default sex (or non-humanoid status) of every demon/aberration as they’re codified in-game

Maybe we could get new models for more stuff.


I’m going to write a stern letter about how they aren’t exploding into seafoam.