Can we get a developer answer on this please?

and … so? The world is supposed to be filled with danger, douchebags, even your own faction that can sabotage you in the slightest of ways. This is actually what makes a game interesting. That you aren’t even safe in your capital city.

I have heard of a sandbox game you can play, but you have to turn on creative mode for it be completely safe.

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Dude, I haven’t seen this maybe b/c the flight master is always alive, but damn that is a disappointment. I clearly remembering just having to wait it out or walk like everyone else had to do if your FM was dead because that thing wasn’t going to respawn for like 15 minutes at least.

That’s simply not true for the vast majority of gamers. It may be what SOME find interesting, but we have enough people speaking for everyon going on as it is.

Why do you think there are separate PVP/PVE/RP servers if everyone just loved hanging out with hyper-aggressive griefers wasting their time all day?

Most people definitely do NOT find that enjoyable.

Nonsense. If you want a safe world, play Hello Kitty Adventures. This is WARcraft where factions are in conflict and there is and should be danger in the world.

Releasing infernals and doomguards
Killing quest givers and flight masters
Kiting overworld bosses to cities
MCing people off boats

these are all of a piece and part of traditional conduct that made WoW unpredictable, dangerous and most of all, FUN. Yes, it’s temporarily annoying to have these things happen, but life in Azeroth is not and should not be, a bowl of squishy nice cherries that never have stones.

Bring back the mischief making!


Typical modern western mindset: I personally like something therefor anyone who doesn’t also like that thing must have something wrong with them and deserve to be ridiculed.

We get that you like ganking lowbies and killing quest givers. I’m sure it fills you with a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. But don’t make the mistake of assuming just because you enjoy these things, that this is what gaming is all about.

Most people find it more rewarding to actually complete content and challenges, not sit around all day waiting for opportunities to screw over other people.

There is a big difference between releasing an elemental or tossing a mind control here and there and being an obsessive ganker/quest hub camper/griefer.

The later behavior definitely does NOT add any value to the gaming experience for anyone but the griefers.

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First of all, you are making some big and wrong assumptions about players who have enjoyed such antics. It’s not done for any “sense of accomplishment,” it’s all done for F U N.

Yes, there are some A-holes who take it to extremes, but these in my experience, are few and far between.

My guess is that you’ve never engaged in any of these activities, which explains why you don’t get the FUN of it.

However, slice it, dice it, mince it, chop it, original WoW had these and many other unpredictable and unexpected dangers. If you don’t like that, you don’t like original WoW.

But you’ll probably like Classic, which sadly, is turning out to be quite a far shade from anything I recall in original WoW. Too many ninja changes are starting to make this unrecognizable. I now understand why Blizzard didn’t go with 1.12 (the build everyone used for V privates). They wanted to go with a homogenized, “safe space” Classic.

I expect V privates to fire back up within the next few months. Unless of course, Blizzard backs down from these obvious departures and decides to provide an actual “authentic” original WoW experience.

No changes. I’ve been a victim of all of these things, and it SHOULD stay in the game.

I wanted Vanilla. Not 2019 ‘we care about people’ retail.

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This is my problem with your argument right here.

Classic WoW also had gold farmers and bots. Would you say that if I didn’t support these things then I didn’t like original WoW? No, of course not.

All games have griefers and trolls. Being against those behaviors taken to extremes just to waste people’s time for personal enjoyment does not make you against the game. It makes you against THOSE SPECIFIC PLAYERS AND BEHAVIORS.

A person might wonder why certain people find wasting other people’s time to be something they derive personal enjoyment or ‘fun’ from. There are so many other ways to RP or goof around.

But really, this isn’t about the dropping of an occasional raging elemental or whatever. This is about being against the sort of behavior that intentionally sets out to screw people over for kicks. Like stacking fires at the auction house so no one can use it without dying, etc.

If people can’t find a way to goof around and have fun without these things then that is a them problem.

There may be people out there capable of showing restraint and only doing this conservatively for an occasional laugh, but the fact of the matter is if you allow these tools to remain in the game, a larger number of people without that level of maturity will absolutely abuse them, to the detriment of the entire community.

Blame the people who can’t control themselves. It is why we can’t have nice (or not so nice) things.

Kind of a moot point since they already changed it. Posting a hash tag doesn’t actually stop the changes from occurring, for better or worse.

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I think you miss the point entirely.

Original WoW is what it is, warts and all. Love it or don’t.


That is not what those of us who wanted original wow, asked for. We accept the warts and found our fun anyway.

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I’d like to think this is regression implementation. We are on the Legion code base, not Vanilla.

These things can be fixed, and should be.


Finding creative ways to troll and grief people is 100% part of the Vanilla experience. If these are removed then classic is garbage, might as well go play BFA


Using terms like “everyone”, “peoples”, “most people”, “anyone” to try and strengthen your arguments are just projections of your own biases. But I know why you use them because they are authoritative and definitive, and if you argue against it, well you are just stupid sir, don’t you know “everyone” feels this way.

You should look into the False consensus effect. I see a lot of the same echo chamber opinions on the retail forums. I like to think of it as the CNN effect. People disagreeing with you, i.e. ridicule as you describe, because of some “western” ideology, is probably just something you don’t want to acknowledge as a valid opinion.

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And yet, PVE and RP servers exist.

It is acceptable to site community preference when the evidence speaks for itself.

Proving the point, everyone doesn’t feel the same way. Some people like easy street PVE, some people like RP, some people like PVP.

This. This. This.

(Note to Forum Grammar Bot:Yes, Blizzard. It’s a complete sentence.)

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Yeah, and so do PvP, the ones with the highest % of players.

Let them grief. Its what we are meant to do.

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True, even with V privates, most are PvP not PvE.

That is just a boldfaced lie. Nowhere did I state that everyone liked anything. Obvious red herring is obvious, and so your whole straw man argument about how I am making these unreasonable assumptions sort of collapses.

It is statistically undeniable that the majority of gamers do not enjoy griefing. You can do a little homework on your own if you need proof. Read the ToS of just about any game. Look at the studies and surveys conducted that reliably show it is a small minority of people who enjoy this type of behavior. Look at the feedback on gaming forums from the majority of players who demand action by devs to do something about it.

Games like Black Desert lost close to a million subscribers after just 6 months due to their insistence on forced PVP and pay-to-win advantages leading to unchecked crafter and lowbie ganking ruining the experience of more people than enjoyed that behavior.

But this is all beside the point. Blizzard have obviously seen that more people prefer to not have these things available to griefers than do, otherwise they would not have chosen to remove them. Blizzard is a business. They profit by catering to the majority.

The evidence of the people enjoying this being a minority doesn’t get much clearer than Blizzard’s own actions in this regard.

Sucks for people who can use the tools responsibly but realistically, there are lots of other ways to have fun.

Doesn’t matter cydonia, these changes are not vanilla. If you want to play a game with those kind of changes, blizzard already offers it. They are not acceptable in Classic. #nochanges

I know it must be hard for you but you can’t help yourself you probably don’t even realize you are doing it. Again here you make a fallacy statement “statistically undeniable” You might as well be saying everyone because it’s clear that’s how you think.

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