Can we get a developer answer on this please?

There are some SERIOUSLY anti-vanilla changes right now in this game. My friends and I came back for the drama/chaos of Vanilla WoW, not “activision blizzards” hand-holding.,

  1. We can no longer get mind controlled on ships??? Seriously? More PC kiddie garbage.

  2. Warlock Demon enslaved summoned pets infernals/dooms no longer running rampant in towns killing our own???

  3. No laying campfires down and burning yourself/others???

  4. Flight masters INSTA-RESPAWN and you lose faction xp…CMON???

WHERE IS VANILLA??? What is this…I came back along with friends to experience this game; Please let me know so I can quit now. I’m not coming back to a “semi-wow” experience.
I already quit your retail wow for years because I couldn’t stand the changes. Please let me know now so we can quit before another monthly sub.

Angry player (who feels lied too)


I’d like to hear an answer to this as well.


They need to fix the garbage retail safe zone guards in towns asap. Anything safespace get rid of it and fix it as soon as possible, this aint retail.


I’m being dead serious. I will QUIT this game in a heartbeat if this stuff is the “NEW” vanilla experience. This is just sad.


This needs to be addressed. This is truly unacceptable.


There were guards in neutral towns for most of vanilla.


Nobody has even come CLOSE to proving that #1 is even true. That’s silly forum panic based on believing the unverified word of a few posters.

#2 I am convinced is just a bug and will be fixed in time

#3 I’m pretty sure this was done so that people could actually access Auction Houses instead of being burned alive trying to conduct business, esp for Bank Alts.

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Yes they weren’t OP god mode with massive health pools and they didn’t take ages to take down. You could face them and down them. They weren’t raid bosses. This needs to be addressed as soon as possible for WPVP.

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Are you? I ask because if it is in the game then it would be the “new Vanilla” right?

People are killing guards all the time in classic, what are you even talking about?

have to make sure nobody has any form of ‘irritation’. that’s the way it goes now. even though some of these potential irritants actually make for some of the most fun stories and experiences in the game.

these devs dont’ understand this. they dont’ really understand mmorpgs beyond statistics and numbers. gotta give them peoples thingies with bigger numbers.

well who knows, maybe they do. certainly doesn’t seem like it though.

Did you seriously make a list of all the ways to troll and grief others in vanilla and now are complaining on the forum because that was the only reason you were looking forward to classic?


I dont do any of these things personally, and Im legit upset that they arent in the game (minus MAYBE the campfire). Theres no reason why they shouldnt be. It’s the way it was and it adds that element of always needing to pay attention.

The MC boat trick is easy to avoid, and the elemental thing has an hour CD and costs a reagent. Its downed by guards quickly in populated areas as well, theres no harm in having it and it adds flavor.

This is ignorant of Blizzard to do and represents them creeping in and making changes without publicizing them and that is the scariest part. I want answers as well.


Classic is based on the last patch of Vanilla wow. So these things didnt exist then. Sorry but your experience of Vanilla wow would have been different if you played from the get go…

Read through all the historical patch notes, stop when you finish the 1.12 ones.

“Griefing” isn’t a word in the english language or the ToS. None of the things the OP listed are against the ToS. They were part of the game and should remain so.

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Spamtrix Absolutely WRONG. These ALL existed during 1.12 and I was here in 2004 from day one. Please don’t post nonsense like this.


It is, actually. Google it.

Urban dictionary and wikipedia are not official sources of information. It is a made up word.

Youre flat wrong. I remember this happening to me a few times AFKing on boats in TBC when i was a serious raider and played a ton.