Can we get 8 Non-layered Servers at Launch?

And ‘extrapolating’ the follow on assumption:

That said, the first few weeks when everybody is packed into Valley of Trials, when everyone is packed into Elwynn, we think we can use sharding there in a limited, time limited, way to solve the initial launch day load problems , while making sure that in the long run as server communities solidify, there’s a healthy population, and a single world for everyone to live in.

The age of both quotes is ‘pre-layering’.


If you think layering is the best option that is fine. But cut the BS with what Blizzard said. They moved from:

  1. Tenent of classic wow is no sharding;

  2. Sharding in Valley of Trials and Elwynn;

  3. Layering for a few weeks.

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They went from

  1. We know the community won’t like sharding; to
  2. We know you don’t like sharding, but we’re investigating ways to have a smooth launch using sharding just at the start; to
  3. Given the feedback on people disappearing from view, we implemented a different type of sharding that helps make it feel more contiguous, for the first few weeks, before we promise we’ll remove it.

It’s almost like you expected them to be able to nail down guarantees before they even looked at the situation.


I hope those aren’t your alts that are liking every post you make. But out of curiosity…did you pay someone to do it? :yum:

I’d like them to stop if possible. It’s weird and kinda creepystalker.

EDIT: I think the accounts are getting a time out. They’re down to only 6 now from 8.


Heh, I figured it wasn’t you. But yeah it’s creepy and weird.

I’ll upvote him too - the commitment to the spin is impressive.

Back a ways, when discussing sharding, they never committed to only starting areas (or timeframe). One slightly disturbing past statement was that it would be especially useful there.

At least now we have a definitive commitment of a few weeks for layering. Maybe we can convince Blizzard to reduce that time.

Thank you! I actually saw this interview too, I’m surprised I didn’t pay more attention to how he described working down the layers. Honestly it’s a genius idea. This just goes to show that they will be heavily monitoring populations and activity and will be adjusting layering accordingly. This a promise that it will not exist in Phase 2 (Kazzak) and even during phase 1 they will be reducing layer counts.

Thank you again for sharing, this is the stuff people need to see before posting “solutions” to things that Blizzard already identified and will fix themselves.

That’s the point I’ve been trying to make. The starting zones were not designed to handle 300 players for each quest in the zone.

What makes you think a server would have 10k players spread out over many layers? That doesn’t make any sense. The whole purpose of layering was to spread people out during the initial rush and not to make a server hold more people than it normally would.

Blizz offers no layering servers as a separate premium sub. They make money and everybodys happy.

I…Ion? Is this your alt talking…?

Okey, i’m just kidding :smile: If that’s your impression from the videos, that they’ve got this completely under control and are absolutely reliable in pulling it off, then i applaud your immense faith for i personally can’t share it about this particular approach given their recent track record with tech like this.

I think there’s still plenty of questions Blizzard could give us some answers to in regards to layering, and until the door of communication is open for those questions i don’t think there’s any harm in trying to figure out alternative ideas, or explore whether going with the early WoW’s system is overall still the best option for the health of the game as a whole.

I frequently like El’s posts. She makes a lot of sense. Rarely do I find myself in disagreement with her. She also picks her battles, only jumping in when it is a topic she feels competent to offer insight (at least that is my take on it).

Except the everybodys happy part.

Who wouldnt be happy? Blizzard makes more money. People who dont want layering get it. People who want layering get it.

Do you frequent the forums? Can you honestly tell me that if Blizzard charged a premium for an alternate server type that people, a lot of people, wouldn’t come completely unglued here?

Nobody wants layering. Also, nobody wants to find themselves on a dead server.

Blizzard is attempting to solve a problem. They have made their decision.

A few would sure. Its impossible to please everyone, but i think on the whole most people would be pleased.

Haha I wish I was a scarab lord. Just a standard Rank 11 flag carrying Druid here.

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If they even have the ability to make such servers anymore.