Can we get 8 Non-layered Servers at Launch?

Is it possible just to have a couple non-layered servers available at launch?

-The layered servers can still be recommended to new players since you’re worried about the game being unwelcoming to new players.

-The non-layered servers can have a warning on them at character creation that these servers may be full and have a several hour queue to them at peak times.

Question: What’s the downside to offering them?

The game world feels broken with layering for many of us, and not at all like the vanilla experience.


Then we can have pvp, carebear and super carebear servers.


And make them streamer servers and capped at 3k players!


No, because blizz wants to provide quality.


Layering isn’t for casual’s it’s literally to stop population problems, like constant server crashes or queue times which FYI let’s say they got rid of it and predictable this happens all of you complaining about Layering will be back here complaining about the Queue times and Server Crashes.

Are you people dense.


Go read some of those posts on layering. There are those that think layering will prevent competition for mobs so they can quest in peace and not have to fight other players for tags.

Almost as if there will only be 100 players per layer…



A. Layer hop for Arena Master

B. Farm the same node spot for Mining and Herbalism

C. Rares will despawn if you group up with players ON THE SAME LAYER

D. Enemy players and Players from your own faction will phase in and out ruining pvp. You can also use this to your advantage to escape pvp situations.

If you think this is fine then you want Classic to fail, there’s no two ways about it.


obvious exploits that I hope are addressed and fixed before launch if they aren’t I’ll be concerned and voice my complaints.

I have and they make me question if the people in question slammed their faces too hard into their keyboards.


You think there’s going to be more that 8 servers?

I would wait for hours to login to a Vanilla-like server, if it didn’t have sharding or layering.


I don’t know why they don’t improve their login servers to handle large numbers of players trying to get in.

I’ve not experienced that in other games I play.


This. People are acting like you are going to be able to easily layer hop to exploit for quest mobs and grinding. The ONLY people this will actually work for are the speed levelers, who will be so far ahead after day 1 that they won’t need to. When you hop a layer of 3k people to another layer of 3k people, it is almost guaranteed that the place you were competing for mobs on the first will be farmed also on the second.


Login Servers are not the problem and ususally never have been unless they are being DDoSed.

The problem is the world server can only handle so many connections at a time. Once maxed out it queues people up. Other games solve this by doing what blizzard does now. Super shards or chosen layers, or on really popular games, it crashed and or has a queue. All of which early vanilla players have experienced.

Even playing FFXIV at Patch launch can yield a queue to log-in and i fully expect one for the launch of the next expansion. Layering goes directly to the idea of server caps and trying to prevent roll-ups of dead servers by over populating the initial rush of players wanting that New Game feel (which is still odd from that perspective alone). Much like the beta, people will stop go play fortnite or what have you again and the layers will be dropped. Overall we are talking about a timer period of months in a game that is going to last years. Basically taking a 1/24 existence of the game and saying that it will RUIN the entire 23/24ths of that experience because it has existed at any time.


That’s why many typical players are worried. The power levelers may be able to get even farther ahead in terms of resources. It seems potentially very unfair.

Remember how everyone on a realm followed those power levelers to see who would make 60 first ?

People doing /who and reporting in chat.

Well that /who only gives you players in your layer. And if that power leveler group aren’t in your layer then you won’t see it :frowning:

Just another small trivial item players do on new realms.


And some of us only have a few hours to play…so…yeah, no.

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In the beta with how manny players per layer?



You can’t demand free months of WoW if you’re able to log into the game and play it

Layer hopping is a mere matter of relogging as blizzard told us our layers are per session. So I go in front of a limited item vendor and relog over and over and check to see if that vendor has any of the limited items and buy them all out and become the next AH millionaire !

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Do you have Beta access?

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