Can we get 8 Non-layered Servers at Launch?

Bing? really? People use Bing?


Aaah, Summerayné was quicker than me :smile:
I do have some extra Ion though if you want… just in case! Cause one can never have enough Ion statements especially when it comes to Classic:

You’re most welcome :slightly_smiling_face: Always good to have more ears on this stuff.


Just to clarify. Smooth was the experience. The flow. The feeling of it. That’s where we’re are on different pages for the same word.

The server did crash a couple of times, very briefly. Hardly noticeable, compared to the excitement and joy of the time you’re in there.

I am seriously so excited for Classic launch. I enjoyed the pserver launches soo much. I truly believe dynamic respawns and higher initial population is the better way to go. There’s no phasing, at all. No community splitting. Just pure awe at the massive amount of people in front of you.

If there was an option for that type of server. I’d be hitting that hard.

I also really wanna believe them, but unfortunately their actions speak louder than their words at this point. I’m right there hoping with you. Just like you i saw the stress test madness with layering and it was really staggering to see the effects. And it’s not even all of them yet.

There’s still 70 something days left, chances are they either make this thing less destructive, or what i’m hoping for the most, they say okey, let’s put this into retail and let’s let Classic be Classic from the start. No layers. Let’s see what happens :pray:

Oh yeah! Of course. I just felt to add a little bit to this in particular, to make sure that we’ve got a full picture in general on what all the promises made by the devs are, so we can evaluate the situation a little more accurately :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s not quality to be teleported out mid wpvp or being able to get multiple nodes by layer hopping.

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I’d personnaly want to know why making more servers capped and merging them later is worse than layering. Because for me that would be a better choice for Classic. I’d even take a gradual release where only a capped amount of people are aloud to log each hours on the first 2 days to create less problems in the first starting zone.

log in queues wont be an issue, so busy people can play classic after all

It’s more that Classic is just a huge time sink. Retail is pretty much perfect for jump in jump out gameplay. Classic needs hours daily, it will be a full time job for anyone playing even half seriously.

I am sure the last question is rhetorical, but you know they are.
It is such a non-issue, to where the larger issue is, why are so many WoW players intentionally toxic?

thats not really true, i play on private servers and just mess around myself

you dont need to be all in, lots of people were like that in the real vanilla too. there were a lot of people that hit level 40+, but never got to 60

Why yes, yes I do…

You’re equating war criminals and private servers? A little extreme but ok.

That’s highly debateable. They definitely had an effect, but you also ignore that Blizzard specifically shut down Nostalrius and Felmyst. Because they were committing copyright theft.

Understand that, and thanks!

I have been in a rush making some of my posts today so appreciate that lol. But yeah, completely agree Heidene. :slightly_smiling_face:

Summerrayne was just a touch quicker on the button.
I also noticed how Ion says that having a huge population at launch would make a very miserable time. That wasn’t true for me at all. I didn’t mind being 1 of 50+ warlocks in northshire spam clicking the spawn point for the imp book. That’s part of the launch experience. The book spawned fast enough to keep some flow. :grin:

Did I do that? I kinda thought “Trivial fact” meant just that. Whoops, sorry if you misunderstood.

We should thank the pservers for putting the pressure on Blizz to recreate the Classic experience.

Ion also said sharding or crz would never be the current xpac and we see how that went.

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See, that’s my concern.

It was CRZ by the way. This happened at the beginning of Legion. I remember it well. They said CRZ would not be used in new expansion zones. Yet, there would be maintenance, a patch, update or anything like that and CRZ would be enabled in Legion content. People complained in the forums upset about it, Blizzard would then say it was a bug and remove it.

This happened a number of times over a few months or so. Finally one day, they no longer said it was a bug but was intended. CRZ is throughout the entire game in every single zone and city to this day. And what’s really annoying is I play on one of the highest populated realms on some of my other characters and I hardly ever see anyone from my actual realm. And the realm isn’t connected to others either.

Seeing that happen firsthand at the beginning of Legion is what is keeping me hesitant with what they are saying regarding layering. I could see them making excuses or having their reasonings later on for why they think it’s necessary.


No he didn’t. Provide a quote please.


I would feel a lot better if Blizzard told us that these are not intended and will be fixed before launch. I can only assume that it will launch as-is with all of the negative effects.

The moment Actiblizz said an authentic Classic experience is what we’ll be getting.

That’s interpretation, not something he said.


Correct - but his boss said this:

“One of the tenets of Classic WoW is none of the cross-server realms and different [server] sharding options that we have available to us today. There’s a lot of desire on part of the community that this is something that they don’t want.”

Ion told us we get sharding in the starting zones. Now we are getting this layering c*** for a few weeks apparently.

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