Can we get 8 Non-layered Servers at Launch?

If you don’t have that kind of free time you probably shouldn’t;t be playing a game like WoW tbh.

Layering has never been about technical capability. Blizzard already said they can handle far higher Vanilla style loads.

But their actual quote was “We want to ensure that the technical capability doesn’t break before the gameplay becomes unplayable”.

And Private Servers use dynamic respawns based on population which Blizzard have completely dismissed since about TBC.

Then its a pity the community railed against it, and pointed out issues which Blizzard set out to fix and created Layering…

Dynamic Respawns were active during TBC launch, and were an abysmal failure. The same reasons that Private Servers raised the population cap for won’t apply here because Blizzard doesn’t want to raise the population cap.

If we don’t get layering, we get 3k servers. Because of Gameplay, not performance.

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People disappearing and appearing, along with mobs was still very much so there in the last two stress tests. It happened to me a number of times. I have screenshots but don’t know how to post them here.

Yes, it’s still beta, but what you said layering was meant to fix, it hasn’t fixed, at least as of yet. I don’t expect this to be fixed before launch personally, but am hoping.

The first stress test I was hopeful and more optimistic. I was there when they announced they were testing it. The second stress test, I wasn’t any longer as optimistic. It seemed worse than the original stress test. People still disappear and appear, etc. And it seems you randomly change layers where you suddenly are all alone, then put in another layer where you are suddenly surrounded by mobs, etc. Layering is just as bad as sharding, if not worse.

By the end of the second stress test I was so frustrated with this horrible tech that I didn’t even bother to stick around for the event at the end. I wasn’t going to go through the frustration of being in the spot something was happening I couldn’t see and then spam chat begging for an invite to the layer so I could hope to take part in something on my own realm.

I was having such a blast the whole day until layering really showed itself. It was very discouraging. At this point I’m still excited to play, but may end up waiting until it’s removed. I know that no matter how much protest is here or anywhere else regarding layering, Blizzard will be using it in some form. So it’s either we have to deal with it or not play. I’m on the fence.

If they gave us the option of a few realms without layering, that would be awesome, but I sure don’t expect it.

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I am aware of this. I’m not talking about technical anything. Pservers run 10k players without crashing.

So it was in Vanilla. #nochanges

A pity indeed. I supported sharding the starter zones. Dynamic respawns are IMO better though.

They already are raising the cap with layering. Even if it’s just temporary. IMO, dynamic respawns would do the same as what layering is aiming for. Future realm stability. Except it wouldn’t split the community, which is what Classic is all about.

The primary thing being worked on in Beta is bugfixes and layering. So yes, they’re still working out the bugs that transfer people between layers when they shouldn’t. Probably because the old sharding code is still either in place, or accidentally being called.

Crashing is a technical failure. I’m not sure you do know what it means.

Except it was overspawn and worked differently. The Dynamic Respawn came from TBC and except for the launch was abandoned quickly. Overspawn reduced the timers on mob respawns when they were all dead, instead of based on the zone’s population.

Not for a given player’s experience. Since as a player we’ll only see at most 3k people (because of the layer) they’re simulating the experience while allowing variable overall population caps.

And it would destroy the launch experience with far more inauthentic overpopulation and horrible respawn mechanics.

As they said, they only get one shot at this, there will never be a need for Layering (OR Dynamic Respawns) after launch. And my guess is that Layering will transition to Retail, like Dynamic Respawns never could.

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Petition signed!


It’s kind of irritating that you bring up the subject of technical limitations and then say I’m the one doing that. 0/10

Now I have to quote you twice…

Your post, the first mention of anything “technical”

You’re losing credibility when you do this.

Now we can experience all the chat from a bunch of ghosts that we can’t see unless we teleport to another dimension.

I know what layering is, thanks for explaining, though. Just in case I didn’t know.

Completely subjective to personal experience, which I assume you have none when it comes to this topic. Clearly you haven’t been on any pservers at launch.

Those super populated launches with fast respawns were awesome to behold. My opinion based on actual experience.

You say that higher population is inauthentic, I say layering is inauthentic. We are not getting authentic no matter how we spin it.

Ah yes. Only issue being is once phase 2 hits, it might be a bit jarring for realm queues if the population didn’t dwindle as much as expected.
Where with the high pop and dynamic respawns, they can ween the population down over time. Slowly growing the queues where servers aren’t dropping population, and offering server transfers.

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Is it ok if we get a few servers that might break? Just to get that 2004 server crash experience.

The word sure.

A “smooth launch” involves not crashing. You keep talking about crashing, as if you’re not talking about technical capability.

No, completely from the developer’s explanations of why they’re using layering.

No, I tend to avoid breaking the law. However, the experience is well documented, and recorded.

That’s great. That’s not authentic, nor what Blizzard wants. You keep talking about this as if its opinion vs opinion. I’m telling you what Blizzard says they want. The fact that I think they’re right is my opinion, but the fact that that’s what they want is a fact of what they’ve said.

“Phase 2 hits” - Ahhh, you’re one of those scaremongers who ignores the statements of the Devs. Ion specifically promised it would be gone “within a few weeks”.

Feel free to argue the definition of few, but “12” doesn’t fall under that category in any sensible definition.


Hahaha. It’s the same thing, dude. Just because it applies to an entire continent instead of a single zone doesn’t mean it’s not functionally the exact same feature.

Calling it layering instead of sharding doesn’t make it a better feature.

ah its all just code man all just code… All just star dust all just star dust…

No. Sorry pal. You clearly have misunderstood. Maybe I should remove the word ‘smooth’ so you don’t get too wrapped up and confused.

If I’m wrong, My apologies for not being up to date on the new meaning of ‘smooth’.

He did say that about sharding. We’re talking about layering. Maybe you have a quote from him?

Trivial fact. Many War criminals didn’t break the law either. They were following orders. If they refused to follow the orders, they would be breaking the law.

Another trivial fact. People breaking laws en masse, change laws.
Eg; Canabis would remain illegal in Canada if millions of people didn’t break that law on daily basis.

If people weren’t “breaking the law” as you put it, making private servers, then there wouldn’t be Classic.

Let that sink in.

Either way, you’ve proven that your opinions on pservers are moot. You simply just don’t know.

Edit: minor punctuation

I agree with most of what you have said in your posts and am completely against layering as well, but Ion did promise layering would be removed in a few weeks. He said that in a recent interview when they were describing and talking about layering. I don’t have time to look it up right now or would post it here. I posted it another thread a while back, the interview that is.

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FWIW, I started a list of Layering exploits and problems, in case anyone else has videos that they would like to add. Thanks.

It is true that Ion said he’d promise to remove it a few weeks in.
However, what additional info is missing, is that he also said that they’d know they have to remove layering before P2 comes out, again assuring us he’d know it has to be gone by then, but also implying that it’d be removed “some time” before P2, preferably “a few weeks”.
On the other hand, all the other devs talking about layering’s stay and phases potential durations, said that by P2 they promise to take it out.

So, we end up with Ion’s promise of “a few weeks”, to him “knowing they’d have to remove it by P2” cause there can only be “one Lord Kazzak, or else it’s not Classic” (but there can be multiple Azeroths, and it’s still Classic? Odd priorities for a game completely dependent on a tight knit community and immersion to the “World” of Warcraft)

Appearently Ion is the chosen and dedicated Harbinger of Doom Lord Kazzak, cause he’s definitely not the Champion of Azeroth, as he defends his Lord uniqueness by stating that interfering with his special status is the point where layering crosses the line and destroys that which is Classic.
But infringing on Azeroths dignity and authenticity by allowing multiple “cohesive copies” of her world inhabitated by fleeting adventurers who can’t call any of those worlds home is still “Classic”. Hmm…:thinking:

And then again we have the other lovely devs, who said they’d promise to remove it by P2 at the latest. Aka months into the game.
I guess it’s up to you what you wanna believe out of all these statements :face_with_monocle:


You can have those eight servers if I can have 1 server which replaces all dungeon bosses with Thomas the Tank Engine and all raid bosses with The Macho Man Randy Savage (with sound effects obviously :wink: )

Yeah, I completely agree with you Heidene. I really don’t like what I experienced in the stress test with layering at all. I have very much so been against sharding from the very beginning and was hoping layering would be a bit better, but it’s not at all from my experience.

I was only responding to the person asking for a quote from Ion regarding layering. He did say that, but do I believe it? Not completely sadly because I have saw them go back on what they have said before. I am hoping mainly.

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Thanks for sharing Chop. I did see that video as well when Tips released it, and enjoyed the content. What I got from the discussion was that you will stick to the layer you’ve been assigned at the start, so the same guys you see at level 10 will likely be the same you see at level 30 and 60. I did not get the same understanding you did from that specific interview.

I don’t see them discussing the stickiness issue if you are consistently joining other peoples’ layer, in that the layer you visit eventually becomes your “home” layer (this kinda makes sense when considering guilds though).

Hopefully you can find the Ion discussion that mentions it! Again thank you for the effort to link the interview.

Do you happen to have the link of Ion showing that? Thank you in advance!

Start at about 5:22 seconds in.

Edit: You can go back a little more if you want. I was in a hurry and was quickly trying to find the exact spot. But at the point I noted is where he starts getting into it.