Can We All Agree That Not All Multi-boxers Are Bad?

Yes they most certainly can. I think you do not understand how it works. With a group of 5 toons multi-boxed you can insta kill people with coordinated, instant attacks. This is not possible even with the 5 best players in the world.

I’m guessing you just haven’t run into multi-boxers in a PvP setting. They are ridiculously overpowered.

And if you think you can get 5 to 10 people to fly around and insta click on a herb -at the same time- and achieve anywhere near the efficiency of a multi-boxer? Note that by definition you are spending 5 to 10 TIMES the manpower for the same haul. BY definition you lose this argument.


I’m telling you almost no legitimate multi-boxers box anymore in PVP. Blizzard removed follow in pvp, and there are no work arounds. Unless they’re Alt-tabbing through windows to move each character individually, they’re not multi-boxing. Never mind trying to move from point A to B.

And there are Raid groups who fly around farming herbs just like you said. You can find them in group finder.

Oh I didn’t know, I stopped PvP after MoP when the whole system went to irrelevancy. So that’s good news! Thanks for cluing me in, glad that the abuse has been addressed at least a little. Back in those times, I faced some multi-boxers in PvP and I will -never-ever be ok with them - not ever - just scum, total privileged and abusive scum.

Now if they can just do a similar thing to herbs and mining, they could fix that abuse too.

As for herbing, that’s hilarious! One multi-boxer can out-perform that whole group of people and compete on the AH. I’d think the group doing this would be upset that the market is kept artificially low due to multi boxers. They are, in effect, having their time wasted by the multi-boxer.

Honestly, I don’t have strong feelings about herbing and mining either way. I just don’t see enough of them to think they really impact the economy. Maybe it’s different from server to server though.

Do you use keycloning like ISBoxer? If you do then you are a cheater.

If you actually tab to each client to perform each input then i have no problem with that. Keycloning is botting and thus cheating.

To those that try the usual cognitive dissonance of claiming 1x8=1 in regards to keycloning, just save it. You can tell me war is peace, and freedom is slavery, but that does not make it true. O’Brien is holding up 4 fingers.


Hello. I would like to introduce you to Blizzard’s stance on automation.

One Action per Keystroke, per instance of WoW.

I don’t need to “claim” anything. I’m not making up the rules, Blizz already did that.

Can you show the class where Blizzard states that keybroadcasting is against the ToS?

Posts containing your feelings or others are not facts. Especially after fifteen years of special snowflakes like yourself trying to be all up in how everyone else should play the game.


Why do you care OP? It is something that isn’t against the ToS. People just don’t like it.

I don’t like it. For me it goes against the basic idea of a MMORPG of playing with groups. You went and just made your own. So go play solo and don’t worry what everyone else is saying.

People don’t have to accept it. Just have tolerate it.

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It’s probably a good idea to give blizzard some positive feedback in case the vocal minority might be influencing them to change the policy

We could do that, but we won’t. :smirk:

Multi-boxing with up to 3 characters is fine by me because you can have 3 WoW accounts per Blizzard account but as soon as you cross into 4 I become harshly against it.

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I used to support multiboxing, if people wanted to spend 300$ a month playing this game in a weird way, why not?

After this last expansion though, I think something needs to be done about them as they’re seriously impacting the game, especially the market on trade goods.


I didn’t read your post as feedback about multiboxing if that was your actual intent. Felt more of “Please, just accept it because not all of us do the things that cause the dislike!”

I understand that there might be who do what you say you’re doing. The others however, the consuming the mats/quest mobs out in the world, the instant gib from 1 person with the thin difference of automation, and any other negative thing a player might take issue with will always do far more harm than the neutral experience that players like you bring with multiboxing.

I agree all multiboxers are not bad. Some are just neutral like you claim to be. I don’t however agree that any are overall good for the game. Besides extra money from a sub/tokensub I see no value a person being able to fill his/her own group/raidgroup brings to a MMORPG.

Sorry to disagree with your play style, but its not against the TOS so all I have to do is tolerate it and at times like this voice my dislike for it.

I do the same thing, but don’t use macros. So I use a lot of follow and mainly switch back and forth during channelling, or just hit the rotations of both one hand each, after being set. Move with mouse’s a lot and use double mounts. No one notices or complains. I only run one at a time in dungeons.

When you reach a certain age like me, one boxer is not enough.
I recommend briefs and boxers to prevent sitting on anything important.

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This right here.


I think your argument for multi-boxing just exposes the old flaws in class design that goes for the healer-tank-dps trinity.

I generally agree that multi-boxing gives players an edge that they paid for, and so is ‘pay to win’. Some people really exploit that, other’s don’t.

Glad you agree!

Where dat sort at?
I mean, Isee boxers now every day and I just dont see the problematic ones a few keep talking about in here.
is my cheap cologne running them all off?