Can We All Agree That Not All Multi-boxers Are Bad?

I know there is a lot of hate on the forum toward multi-boxers, but the vast majority of multi-boxers never bother anyone. Some run dungeons, others dual box for leveling, and some just like role-playing with two characters.

I’ve personally been multi-boxing since WOD. I only play healers and it’s a pain to level and do world content in a healing spec - so I dual box. I don’t farm, I don’t grief, and I don’t do warmode. No one is ever bothered by my multi-boxing.

And while I get it’s not fun to be blasted by 20 lazer chickens, can we stop lumping all multi-boxers together? They’re far more common than most people think, but most will never be noticed by a regular player - never mind bother them.


Editing because I prefer not to be toxic even if I disagree with this thread.

I dislike Multi-boxing as a practice, I do not necessarily hate the people that use it.
I would be okay if Multiboxers were not allowed into anything pvp related. As there are bigger issues than your kind when it comes to the economy (aka bots.)

I still dislike and believe multi-boxing is wrong and should not be allowed in-game, it gives you a natural advantage over people that are not paying for a second or more accounts, which is literal pay to win even if you do not use it to its fullest advantage.

I do not hate you for pay to winning. I do not hate you for Multi-boxing.

I hate Multi-boxing itself and its existence.

You do you. (Oh but I will totally hate you if you do go and pvp.)


They don’t bother me on the AH, they do bother me when I am in attempting to farm the same stuff. Stop being overly aggressive and allow others to creep in to get their stuff and people will leave you alone.

Note: wear as many boxers as you like :stuck_out_tongue:


Did you not read the part where most multi-boxers don’t engage in either of those things? You know what they say: Only Sith deal in absolutes. Lol


Sorry but the cancer they bring far outweighs the benign ones.


u wanna go with no frends


Are all of them though?

I dual box and not one for farming. So I go about running around doing my quests and if I find an herb or ore I go get it. If it’s relatively close to where I’m going.

If I heard right and a node dies out for other people at 10 taps. If I can only tap it twice and use what I gather / mine for personal use or vendor (since I don’t use the AH)

Would that be any different than a single toon player gathering and vendoring?

Now as far as world PVP goes. I don’t PVP. So would my disease to world PVP be that there is someone running around that isn’t PVPing?

If that is the case, then is anyone that doesn’t world PVP also a disease to world PVP? or is it just multi-boxers that don’t world PVP?


You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.


Back in MOP, Blizzard removed most of the functionality from multi-boxers in PVP. It’s almost impossible to multi-box in PvP. If you think you see a multi-boxer in PvP, it’s probably really a bot.

One bad apple spoils the whole barrel.

That’s the way it’s always been, and that’s why humanity has rules.



There really isn’t, the ‘hate’ (or trolling in most cases) comes from the same handful of people just rotating from one alt to another. (Just as you are here with your 2 post alt).

Even those boxing with 40+ are fine, those who like to charge 40+ characters in pvp need to understand that the end result would be the same regardless of how many players are involved.

and for everyone else, take another shot. just another multibox thread. I’m sure it’ll fill up with usual nonsense.


I think the problem is that some of these players have the mentality that if they are allowed to do it, then they need to do it to the extreme in a competitive nature.

Once we stop keeping others in mind and focus only on ourselves that’s when things breakdown and it becomes primal and harsh on everyone. Common kindness keeps society running smoothly. Too far and history repeats it’s self. Example: the French Revolution, they targeted the people who they thought went too far with it and well…ummm…let’s just say it is un-wize to say stuff like “let them eat cake”.

Anyone remember that Mephisto guy in WoD talking about how multiboxers are superior at pvp then all his toons get wiped by a single Druid?
Pepperidge farm remembers. It was so funny.


I would agree that multi-boxing does give advantages to players. But I don’t think all advantages are of equal value.

If I were to look at my play style and how it relates to multi-boxing and the world at large. I wouldn’t say any of these advanages are game breaking. Maybe it’s just my biased towards multi-boxing?

  • Instead of having to send mail, I can trade with my other account
  • Instead of having to move one toon at a time. I can move them both to the same area at once.
  • I’m able to craft things for them a bit faster since I can gather a little faster than a single toon
  • I’m able to be a bit more self reliant with questing. Avoiding the more toxic player base.

As I have said, if these advantages that I get from multi-boxing are game breaking. am I doing something wrong and there is more efficient ways to break the game?


Add 98 more characters? Lol

I have no problems with them.

I do ok enough with two, and I say ok hesitantly. I see people run around with 5+ and I’m like. You are doing dungeons and raids and I’m getting stuck on the corners of inn’s lol

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You have a mental issue if it bothers you that 4 level 20 druids you have never met, who are leveling together in Northern Barrens, a zone you probably have not set foot in for a decade, are forcing you to deal with “their existence”.

Why do npc’s follow you perfectly, yet /follow is such trash when you use it yourself?


Narrow staircases are my mortal enemy when dual boxing.

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There are some multiboxers that box responsibly, like Rekkles. (I mean, at least he cares that he might be inconveniencing other players with his herbing team.)

But I have a special hatred of multiboxers that run around in world PvP.