Can We All Agree That Not All Multi-boxers Are Bad?

No, they are all bad for the game itself… other than the money they pump into it.


if multi-boxers are doing good why they are not farming BFA world drops aka mounts? could use some drops on price for several of them :woozy_face:

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Antisocial people who think everybody is bad for the game but them are the true evil.

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Multi-boxing is not socializing, it’s more like something else you do with yourself that I probably can’t use the word in the forum…

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I never really socialized with people prior to multi-boxing. So I never really noticed any difference as far as the socializing aspect of the game.

I might answer a whisper here or there, but generally I am left alone and I try to leave other people alone the best I can.

all multiboxers are bad, just because blizzard allowed it doesnt mean is good. They want your money and ways to give them the chance for more income.

Imagine if blizzard decide to sell achievements, rated arena achivements or Mythic + 15 chest for money, Would you say is good for the game just because is under blizzard rules now?


Yes, I agree, they are all bad.


Explain how someone just roleplaying or leveling with two characters is in any way bad. And none of those things you mentioned can be achieved through multi-boxing.


I agree op,people have to define between bots and multiboxers before making a judgement.

Sorry,don’t know how that happen.

Technically I occasionally dual box - when I need help for a lower level toon I have a higher level toon on the other account help them. That’s about it.

I tried actual dual boxing a few years ago and was so bad at it, the two characters just stood there and argued.



Coming to the forums to trash other players is not socializing. Hating people you have never met and know nothing about is actually anti-social.

People who think everybody else should be forced to play the game exactly the way they do and adhere to their personal list of restrictions are what’s really bad for the game.


When I first start started, I sent countless melee to their deaths over cliffs. Or when I reached a quest area, I’d realize I had left my other character behind to be eaten by a demon.

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I box a trio.

I don’t take them to PVP.

I don’t farm herbs, I don’t mine ore.

I am not an AH grandmaster or Professional flipper.

I don’t use any bot software.

I obey the same rules as a single player.

I use my trio’s to level (if not already topped out), do WQs, sometimes run old dungeons/raids for mounts and mogs.

I typically will avoid quest areas that are already teeming, unless I can find an ally and tag/take down the same mob. I extend small courtesies like that in the hopes that the players I encounter will not see me as this huge threat that the haters make it out to be; because that’s not the way I play.

Just my two cents…


As I have said before and I’ll say it again. Multi-boxing in on itself is just a tool. It’s neither good nor evil. It would be like saying a hammer or a car is evil. How someone chooses to utilize that tool on the other hand, that’s a different fish.

Though I support and do multi-box, there are certain things that I don’t like. But I’m not biased in my opinion either.

I would rather see people fight one on one, then go 5 on 1. I don’t care if it’s a multi-boxer or five players. BUT! I’m not going to try and spin a tale saying that one proves to be more damaging than the other. Because in my opinion, I think the end result is generally going to be the same regardless if it’s a single multi-boxer or five individual players.

Then I read the funny stories about how the multi-boxers are all about destroying the AH economy. Last time I checked, it’s a free market where people are free to list their wares at whatever price they desire. If you get undercut, OH WELL! welcome to the free market.

I could go on for more, but I think the points I made are alright for what they are trying to point out.

As I said in another post as well. There is nothing wrong with not liking something because you don’t like it. I could list off a bunch of things I don’t like, that I know other people probably do like. People don’t need to spread lies and misinformation to try and prove their point. Especially if the lies and misinformation can be called out and proven to be what they are. It doesn’t help the case at all.


If people hack and cheat in the game, that ok with you? They like to play unfairly. Your argument is completely and utterly flawed because you presume multi-box is a legit way to play the game.

Multi-boxers are abusing the game. The ONLY reason they aren’t banned is because of the money. It’s still abusive and wrong and is used often for unfair advantages in PvP and auction house play.

It’s not right that people who cannot afford 8 subscriptions are unable to compete in the AH market…

In effect, you are using the “smoker’s argument” - that it was unfair to ban smoking from planes because some people liked to smoke (regardless if everyone else didn’t want to get second hand smoke).

Just because you like to abuse other people doesn’t make it right.


I personally don’t view all multi-boxers as bad, but it doesn’t change the fact that whenever I see one, I jump on them as quick as possible and try to kill off as many as I can before the swarm will undoubtedly take me out.

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Didn’t Acti / Blizz recent do a rather large bot ban? Not sure if it was on here or Classic. Don’t the bot accounts generate money and they were banned?

Found what I was looking for, and it was in Classic

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I ABSOLUTELY don’t have any strong feelings either way on multiboxing.

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Multi-boxers can’t do anything an equivalent group of players can’t do. There’s no cheating or hacking.

And most functions of multi-boxing are disabled in PvP by Blizzard. I highly doubt you’re ever encountered multi-boxers there and it’s more likely bots.

As for auction house, I’ve never seen any proof the tiny number of multi-boxers impact it in any meaningful way.