Can We All Agree That Not All Multi-boxers Are Bad?

but isnt that gold already in existence and just moving between buyers and sellers? That doesnt inflate the economy that I can see. Mats are farmed and destroyed in crafting…same in the real world every day.

huh…yeah…blasted pro football players thinking they have to be aggressive to win…

This game breeds competitive play on many levels. Perhaps that is the reason some screech about boxers…those players arent competitive enough.
When I play the AH, Im in it for ME…to win…to keep you from selling your crap until I sell mine.
Aint PvP the exact same mentality…or do they just ‘meh’ each other to a slow, boring death?

competing in PVE…PvP…for resources…for quest targets…yeah…this game isnt the place for common kindness if you intend on getting ahead.

What did you expect when sugar daddy blizzard put a 5 million gold AH mount in the game then comes back with a time limit to get it in?
Theyre not quite as guilty as the Dept stores who cause the old lady trampling every black friday…but nearly as annoying.

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no no no…you did it all wrong :laughing:
here…this is the right way.

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I dont even see any difference in PVP.
I mean what is the outcome of one character taking on five characters
in PVP? The one character is going to die quickly.
That outcome does not change when the five characters is a
multiboxer. Or if all five are played by a separate person.
The outcome is always the same.

However, get two or three characters on the five characters.
If those two or three know what they are doing and all go
after the lead character. Most multiboxers will lose control
of their group of characters and all five will die.

A good example is the 40 boxer that use to take Alliance
towns hostage. That is until a group of 20 players started
wiping the floor with his 40 every day he tried it.
Last I heard, he had transferred twice now, because the
players only need half the characters he has to wipe him out.

I mean I am not for, or against, multiboxing. But the main issue
is people treating it as one player instead of 5 characters.
To the game, it is five characters. Others need to attack them
as if they are five characters. No one would run up and try to
take on five separately played characters. Why do they try
to do that to five multiboxed characters?

I’m not any- multiboxer at all.

I don’t box, but sometimes I’ll sub on my alt account if I want to take auctioning seriously. I guess it’s like duel-accounting? idk.

I like multiboxers because they provide me cheap mats for crafting and I can sell to others at cheaper prices.

… Not gonna lie, I also really have been enjoying Spirit of Harmony bots lately. Love buying those for that cheap cheap…

Does blizzard allow it to be used?
If so, sorry but NOT a cheater…even if you dont like it.

just like YOu can keep screeching that its cheating but the GAME MAKER tells you again that its not

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The difference is that normally 5 characters means five different people. You have to take the time of bringing 5 people together to be a 5 people ganking group in world pvp.

A multi-boxer instead gets away with being “5” characters in game by paying real money for said ability.

I do not hate people that multi-box for non-pvp reasons, they can do whatever they want.

But I do hate people that multi-box in PVP for the same reason that I hate someone who pays for an arena boost or a raider IO boost. I hate people that utilize real money to achieve things in game easier and without effort.

take the time??? You say youre going to gank in orgimmar and you’ll havea group in a couple minutes tops.
THIS is your argument? Really? lol

Even if it takes me one second to gather 5 people.

There is a big difference between gathering 5 different individuals than to log into five different accounts.

but like always, only take a piece of my argument and ignore the rest like you always do. completely ignore that my actual issue with multi-boxing is the real money used on it.


Multi-boxers that do not pvp can do whatever they want in my opinion. but i consider those that pvp are the same as people that buy gear runs for real money.

you make me giggle.
so you ran out of your other hokey arguments and THIS was what you thought would work lol?

Im sorry…you have to do WAY better than this to convince us that boxing bad.

Like always, I dissect the parts out that are outrageous.
Dont make statements if you arent willing to have them scrutinized…especially given the outlandish insults and attacks boxers have to take in here by you all.

Bliz allows it.
Get them to ban it…and I’ll agree.

I mean, no. The entire premise of multiboxing is exploit a feature of the game to gain a benefit over other players. Why would i assume anyone who engages in such a behavior is okay?

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What “feature” is getting exploited?

Synchronism yields better results than independently controlled characters in many situations. Should be obvious enough to not need explanation.

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I do not think anything I say will even get in your ear, since you prefer to insult and demean my arguments instead of having a polite conversation.

Reminds me a lot how you kept on attacking me on the Survival Hunter thread because you thought I wanted Ranged Survival back when I explicitly kept repeating to you that I was asking for updates on Melee Survival.

You think the arguments of everyone else is bullocks if they do not agree with you. And as proven before, you barely are able to read what others say.

But you do you, I am leaving this thread.

Seriously? do I need to quote some of the vile accusations from your side in this?
And Im supposed to read the slander and lies about boxers in here and you want me to respect such a silly rumped excuse of an argument that it takes time to gather up a few players?

oh…you were one of those who were attacking me over there over my liking SV with butchery? Figures.

When you all resort to flaming, attacking, insulting, abusing and slandering boxers who arent breaking the rules…THEN when you cant come up with any real arguments turn to ‘it takes time to gather players’ …yeah…no respect for that kinda nonsense.

guess not…

Right because I am a hive mind and everything someone else says is totally my fault only because they align with my believes? if that was the case I should curse and hate all multi-boxers because of that guy in wod that raided cities with 40ish accounts. which I do not.

I can quote every single statement I did in that post to show I never attacked you while you did.

Again, I am not a hive mind. I am talking to you

that your argument to insult and berate me is that people from my side have done it to yours and you are “defending” them from me showcases that you barely read whatever I say since I have not attacked anyone myself.

Just as I do not accuse all multi-boxer of being the same person talking from alts, do not accuse me of insult your kind just because someone else did.

Keep trying to twist my words with lies and I will come to defend myself. Quote me again and lie about me and I will come again, even if I honestly want to leave this thread alone because I am tired of seeing so many multi-boxer threads.

I will politely say that you like multi-boxing, I dislike it(but not necessarily the people that play it). Let’s agree to disagree and walk away.

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I assume that most people who state their points in that manner, don’t actually have a real point to make.

And last time I checked, being able to organize a party and sync up weren’t prohibited.

yeah…didnt think so :wink:

youre the one claiming that time to gather a group for ganking is an argument against boxing lol

I made a thread about liking SV hunter. I was SAVAGELY attacked in there over it, probably by you as well.

And you argued that apparenty its some mythical time advantage now that boxers have…which tells me youve realized the other hokey arguments didnt persuade…so now its on to the next hokey argument.

THIS…is an ABSURD argument against boxing.
Sorry…there just isnt any other way to put it.

People who multibox to farm gold, trade materials, or PvP are complete scumbags in my opinion. If you aren’t using them for these things then I couldn’t care less, but if you are using them for these things then I will hunt you down and destroy you (in game of course, I don’t wish any real world harm on anyone).