Can Shadow Priests dispel a Warlock’s SL in Classic?

Getting conflicting answers on different forums.

What do you think with Classic’s version?

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i think it can be, and you have to dispell the pet not the player

in tbc it could not be at all, you had to kill the pet

I don’t remember myself, but IF you can, you’d be dispelling the pet, not the warlock.

Yes, Soul link can be dispelled, and putting the pet into an CC which removes them from combat also removes the benefit of soul link.


A bit of confusion seems to be happening here. In classic, soul link CANNOT be dispeled. This is something private servers got wrong. Blizz has clarified this in one of their “not a bug” posts. You either have to kill the pet or banish them, not sure of any other cc that temporarily shuts it down.

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I’m not sure why people care about Soul Link. If they have Soul Link, they can’t really do a whole lot of damage. You should be more worried about Destruction and Affliction Warlocks rather than Demonology.

Demonology hit its stride in Burning Crusade, not Vanilla.

Well that says it cannot be dispelled by dispelling the pet. Can you dispel it by targeting the lock?

Thanks for your help!

Cannot be dispeled period. From my understanding it was dispelable from lock early on, then they changed it to only be dispelable off of pet, it remained this way for a few patches before making it entirely immune to dispel.

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Would make sense, as the OG version of soul link was a 30second buff, not a persistent one.

How about using a melee weapon on the pet that can proc a dispel of a magic effect? This was the strategy that the rogue perplexity showed in a video against SL but it was a private server so who knows.

Yep, pretty sure it can be.

This matches my admittedly fuzzy memory of those days.

You must be hoping to duel a lot :yum:

It was dispellable (from the pet only) for a long time in original wow. Was that changed at some point? I spent a lot of time dueling outside Ironforge and distinctly remember removing Soul Link.

You can off spec for Soul Link and many other other things in Demonology. The only reason to spec Destruction to get the instakill Shadowburn talent. Most warlocks spec into Demonology though for the healthstone talent as well as a couple of others. Basically, everyone is specced Demonology :yum:

You’re arguing semantics.

Soul link is 31 points deep in Demonology, which means your pretty dedicated to that tree.

There is no reason to be that far in the tree considering how bad Soul link is. Demonology only became a thing after BC. It was a meme talent in Vanilla.

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Hmm a lot of people are telling me that SL Lock is one of the best 1v1 class in the game and are insanely OP.

Maybe they are thinking of post BC then?

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A warlock that can’t die? Yes it’s OP but not in PvP… Shadowburn is a lot more DPS

Any class that gives Warlocks trouble are not hindered by SL.

Warriors, Hunters, and Rogues are going to destroy a lock regardless of SL. All SL does is make it take longer for the lock to die.

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What about Shadow Priest? I’m trying to decide between the two classes. I like them both tho regardless.