Can Shadow Priests dispel a Warlock’s SL in Classic?

They’re still monsters, at least against a shadow priest. You can dispel soul link, but you still have to fight through CC while your HP and mana are drained. The warlock will win the war of attrition assuming equal gear.

It’s still worthless. Locks destroy PvE without SL.

Locks can fear juggle like 3 mobs at a time without talents in Demonology. Going into Demonology will hinder you for PvE, not help you.

no, cause its a pet…

Warlocks are anti-caster.

They can easily destroy mages. Not sure about Shadow Priests, but I know a lot of rogues hate them.

I was actually thinking that full Destruction would be the best for PvE, affliction sucks in general and I don’t ever fully spec Demonology so. PvP is a loss. Maybe Affliction is the saving grace.

Please be rolling Alliance.

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Yes and it’s funny.

You can dispel soul link if you target the demon. It won’t work on the player. This fools many people into thinking it can’t be removed, because they only target the player. Very simple hat trick, yet incredibly effective. It will also break if the pet is banished, so your warlock can ruin enemy soul links.

What about flurry’s post linking blizzards comments? Says you can’t do it by targeting the pet.

I’m pretty sure it’s not dispel-able at all.

You can’t dispel it. Why so much misinformation in here?

Everyone says something different lol.

I think you used to be able to dispel it, but that changed with updates to the class.

Gonna be fun to piss off Rogue’s and Warriors (Until T3, then Warrior will dominate).

If it doesn’t work, then they screwed it up. This one you can actually see in old PVP videos. When alliance warlocks go into fights, smart shamans immediately purge their demon so they lose soul link.

Demonic Sacrifice and Master Demonology actually give you a lot of versatility and options, and MD/Ruin is a solid dps build. I agree, though, that Soul Link isn’t really worth it unless you really like to have your fights drag out. The best debuff is “dead”, after all.

Felpuppy is going to have Paranoia again, so if you’re attentive they won’t be getting that stealth opening.

It’ll be funny to see how many rogues don’t know about that ability at first

Except it won’t.

Rogue and Warrior are both really good at killing Warlock.

All SL does is add a few more seconds until they die.

So many Rogue and Warriors are in for a surprise.

Locks fear doesn’t break at the first sign of damage. Death Coil is not a fear so they can’t break it and just to piss them off even more, add curse of exhaustion so they can die as they are getting fear kited.