Can anyone explain the new mop tw event?

Where are you even getting this from? The article lays out the planned content for all levels. Heroic raids are available at 70. It makes zero mention of mythic raids.

The link at the top of this thread.

"We’re planning to open WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria for testing on the Dark Heart (10.2.7) PTR starting on Friday, April 12 at 10:00 a.m. PDT (19:00 CEST). We expect to conclude this test on Sunday, April 14 at 10:00 p.m. PDT (07:00 April 15 CEST).

During that time, all of Pandaria: Remix will be available to test:

  • Level 10 - 70

  • All Pandaria zones

  • Normal and Heroic Scenarios

  • Normal and Heroic Dungeons

  • LFR, 10-player Normal, and 10-player Heroic Mogu’shan Vaults, Heart of Fear, Terrace of Endless Spring, and Throne of Thunder

  • LFR, Normal, Heroic, and Mythic Siege of Orgrimmar

  • All of the progression including the Cloak of Infinite Potential, spell gems, and new itemization"

That’s a whole lot of modes and raids for a limited-time event.

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That’s an odd decision. It mentions SoO as 60-70 content in the Under Development article. I can’t imagine how that could be balanced like a traditional mythic raid.

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Basically nothing else matters except Chicken Backpack.

No mention of challenge mode dungeons foe the CM tmog sets…a lot of people will be disappointed with that. Has anyone gotten any word on challenge modes?

I can respect that.

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Did anyone else check the patchnotes?

Season of Discovery-style ability system, including many tinker-related abilities (engineers rejoice)

Tons of mounts and transmogs, including the new Pearlescent Goblin Wave Shredder (!)

It honestly looks amazing.

Cata was an upgrade over Wrath, and MoP was an upgrade over Cata. It’s WoD where things were gutted.

They say it’s fast-paced, but since Pandaria is my beloved home, I will take my sweet time.

They clarified in a post that none of the things that were exclusive to MOP are returning:

  • No Legendary Cloak questline (but you will be able to earn the appearances as transmog)
  • No Kor’kron War Wolf
  • No Pandaren phoenixes
  • No Garrosh heirlooms
  • No Challenge Mode sets
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What an odd thing for you to say. If one is leveling and gearing, you’re doing more than just standing around.

The time commitment will be very key here, which I don’t think anyone here yet knows. If I can do this for a couple hours here and there and get the rewards I want, it might be fun. If we’re talking over a hundred hours of grinding reps and dailies and leveling battle pets…I’m not so sure.

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My question to all of this is will the raids have to be done with 10 people or even flex or will they be able to be done solo? It mentions the raids but nothing about if you have to group for them

It’s like MoP classic, in retail… but they’re also not bringing a lot back.
Their basically getting us to do an expansion all over again by adding new stuff to collect.

An expansion recolor?

(Explained in a single word!!!)


We can be any current class or race in the game in Pandaland. I’ve decided on Pandaren Evoker, cause I want to fly around breathing fire as a Pandaren. Don’t judge me!

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It’s your pandiablo, you can roll whatever you want!

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I still have no indication of what achievements will be supported in the MoP Remix, nor whether any will be account-wide. I am most interested in Loremaster of Pandaria. Will this be included in the MoP remix, and will it be account-wide and count towards the full Loremaster achievement?

One of the reasons I may not do it.

If it was MoP talents I’d do it and make a range surv hunter

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Yeah it’s incredibly annoying to have Blizzard can do no wrong fan-boys in these forums and elsewhere twist this want into saying we should all rejoice that looks, transmogs, mounts, etc are locked behind staying subscribed and constantly playing the game. No breaks, no looking at the daisies, rush, rush, rush, rush or you will miss out.

Compare to the traditional collector’s game, farming old content at your pace, at your leisure on multiple characters all week long if you wish or one character only once a month if you wish.

This is giving collector’s what they want but with a monkey’s paw curl of forcing people to engage in high intensity, extremely grindy and time-consuming extra game modes within a set timeframe of Blizzard’s choosing. Don’t feel like playing WoW at that time? Have real life obligations for a month or so that just don’t leave enough time? Too bad, you miss out, git gud and play harder scub is what this type of mode says.

It’s just another abusive mechanic to keep people subscribed in the doldrums ends of an expac disguised as giving players what they want. What we want is fair access to stuff they already paid for and made years ago but didn’t implement, what we want is evergreen content that adds things our normal characters can do in the game.

And given first Blunderstorm and now this, I can only guess the future for WoW that they talked of being so bright is stuffed with FOMO things like this to severely punish any malcontents who unsub or even don’t dedicate a minimum playtime each month.

I had hoped with the acquisition by Microsoft that the metrics-driven stuff would be thrown out the window, that forcing players to engage would matter less but perhaps they’re that desperate for retaining subs after the record low numbers SL saddled them with. They finally burned their bridges with too many players.

It saps my interest in continuing to play and I’m sure it’s the same for others who feel burned out from trying to do these short, high intensity FOMO events. It’s going to hurt WoW subs in the long-run just to get some short term boosts.

And it misunderstands or is malicious towards the type of people who collecting appeals to often which are casuals. Casuals being bullied and forced to act less casual and it burns us out or upsets us when we give it a pass and miss out on all these things.

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