Can anyone explain the new mop tw event?

What is this? Does this mean we create entirely new characters and level from scratch and have to do all the campaign stuff or raid stuff etc, to unlock the rewards? So none of what we already have attained in retail counts? E.g. I already have loremaster for mop etc, but it won’t count?

You’re starting over completely from scratch.

You’ll probably have to do all loremaster tasks from scratch, and by the sound of the theme of the event there will be rewards for various milestones. I’m assuming this means reattaining loremaster could have its own reward tied to it, but I don’t think that’s been explicitly stated.

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It’s a side gig with accelerated leveling and some fun little mechanics with rewards that carry over to retail (mostly cosmetic, I would imagine). Entirely optional.

And yes, you have an entirely separate character to level that will only last as long as the mode exists.


The pve mode people wanted.


Would it be on a separate server like plunder or?

Think of it like an isolated expansion you level in. The MoP expansion will be level 10 to 70 (you start at level 10) and you go through, do dungeons, quest, work on a meta achievement, etc.

There will be a cloak for all your alts in this game mode that scales in power, and experience gain. It scales off your most powerful character, so alt characters you make will be quicker to level and more powerful.

They also state that “All Remix characters created during the event will convert to a standard character to play within modern World of Warcraft at the end of the event”. There will be cosmetics, toys, achievements, mounts that will carry over to retail as well.

Think of it like a fast way to level alts for retail, with additional rewards, through a single expansion, with some new gimmicks, from scratch.

And it sounds like you’ll make your character on the normal character select screen, but opt into the remix.

There’s more information you can read about here in case anyone missed it.


It will be interesting to see if this exposes the fact that the old expansions aren’t just about the world - it’s about how the classes played at the time. I levelled my warrior in MoP as arms. If I make an arms warrior for remix it will not be the same.

This is something those who say “you don’t need permanent WotLK servers, you weren’t revisiting the old zones anyway and Outland and Northrend aren’t going anywhere” don’t understand.


Thanks for that. It helps clear up a lot of the confusion about the event. So I guess now I gotta figure out what class I wanna play for this event. Now that I actually know what I’m doing, it will definitely be a class that can tank as I know how bad it is to be a second class citizen in wow (any class that can’t tank).


Can definitely get behind this. That was a strong contributor to why I switched from mage to warrior in OG Wrath.

This is a really good explanation. I read the original document but I still had a ‘medium’ idea till I saw this. I wonder if I can still buy Hierloom enchants and send them to it.

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I’m not sure how to feel about this. I have an army of alts and creating another one does not appeal to me. Putting that much effort into leveling an alt I won’t care about. I like leveling, but duplicating something I already have and invested in seems – uninteresting.

I think it’s mostly because I don’t want yet another toon. The only new one I was planning was for the new race, which I would do the intro quests for and then park.

And also I think it will boil down to, do I play this new thing which will take my free time, or do I level and gear my toons in the main game? I can’t do both, time doesn’t allow.

In that way, Plunderstorm was better, because it was small quick bits, even if some of those bits were frustrating.

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Its almost like you DONT need someone to explain it… :thinking:

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Unless you’re a monk, or generally play you a panda or two, Mists was kind of weak on the transmog front.

Other than the challenge mode sets, that is. Some of the troll, mogu and sha themed weapons were nice too, I suppose.

Recolor or maybe a resolution upscale of the tusks of manoroth?

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It looks like you will be playing classes as designed now in the event, not as they were in MoP. I could be wrong but it says “create a new modern World of Warcraft character”

This doesnt hurt my feelings. Makes life simple. Be a fun blast from the future too. Going up against the thunder king. "Say 'ello to my covenant ability "

Im just interested in a few of the CM sets. I took a break and they were introduced in my away time so i wasnt sure exactly what they were until it was too late. And some of them looked legit

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I fully agree with this. Though recolors of those CM sets will absolutely make me level every single class if need be.


Some of the recolors actually look better than the ones that made it into the game.

Except for the mage set. That one is pretty awesome…

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Just double checked all of them…and while im not one to care about mogs…i think i have to agree with you

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but its not timewalking?

You…what now??