Can anyone explain the new mop tw event?

Characters you create for this event become available in retail after the event ends.


It is definitely not timewalking. It’s isolated from retail and completely its own thing. With that being said, I’m not sure if it’s own separate game mode like plunderstorm, or segregated during the character creation.

With the gems, cloak, and gear upgrades/vendor, I think of it more as a retail SoD except its MoP instead of classic and we are using retail classes.

Limited play time and power progression always felt the most rewarding to me. I mean dont get me wrong, i have lists of mogs id like to go farm, just not the time to do so.

Sounds like you create your first character via normal servers and character creation and then opt in for MoP and then it’ll be an option like Plunderstorm

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I have no alts and if I was to create one, it would be something different. (Been thinking for years). But if I did this limited time event, I’d have to roll another priest because it would be the only thing I could do to lessen the learning curve for myself. (I didn’t play MOP. Only expansion I was not there for)

So I’m not even sure anymore.



I definitely get that, I was just poking a bit in all good fun.

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So you start all over at level 10, meaning you can easily learn a new character as you go. And it sounds like its DFs layout; so the talent tree style and abilities we’ve been playing with for the last 18 months

So missing out on MoP isnt gonna be an issue :slight_smile:

Oh you misunderstand how fast I learn things. I hate the start of new expansions on this character I’ve played for over a decade lol.

Now thinking of that and trying to learn a new class. I think it’s too much for my pea brain.

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Lol well fair enough. Just trying to be optimistic

Yeah. Wouldn’t want to take away from anyone’s, “standing around Valdrakken all day,” time.

I didn’t realize “everyone” saying “Focus on the actual game and giving us evergreen content our current characters we’ve had for years(and some decades) can do instead of these time-limited FOMO events that originated from anti-consumerist Gacha Games” translated to “give us a time-limited FOMO event we cannot do with our actual characters in the most boring expansion to level up in for a few cosmetic items that already exist and are easily farmable.”

Learn something new everyday.


With players or AI bots ?? Or both i mean

Do the same expansion as modern characters but you’re gunna be on steroids the whole time so everything is faster

And a buncha new cosmetics, so yeeeee

Should be with players. I’m not sure if they’ll have the MoP remix dungeons as “follower dungeons” - and won’t know until PTR is up, but my guess would be not. We’ll know more tomorrow. :dracthyr_nod:

They do? Well that is a pleasant twist.

If plunderstorms anything to go by people wanted a pve version of a limited time even if it was going to be a separate limited time event vs a pvp one.
Either way the toon you lvl up in this will be sent to your actual account once it’s over, with all the mog and mounts and lvl it ended this with.

It’s a level from scratch event so you’d not be able to use your main anyway. We can do stuff with our mains when the patch hits as per normal as it has the last 18+ years as will happen on patch day… This is an extra thing which gets merged into the account when ending.

Also most boring to level in…? I’d say that was classic and BC…WoD was also not fun. MoP had allow of personality and interesting story in pandaria as well as horde vs alliance tension. But eh subjective I suppose.

Mythic raiding. Who in the world is going to put together a Mythic raiding guild for a limited time event for some cosmetics when you’re on a fresh character and a different server, totally disconnected from your regular guild and friends? For a limited time event? For nothing that carries over in terms of player power to your established character in the retail game?

The MoP stuff feels like a cool idea that re-uses WoW in a unique way. I’m all for it.

It’s kind of lame though. Plunderstorm is technically the better event since it’s innovative. This new even is great for folks who’ve never played MoP, terrible for folks who played the crap out of it.

(Also eff MoP for ruining Warriors for me.)

Appears to be a “Season of Discovery” style event taking place in Pandaria. At least heavily influenced by Season of Discovery. Faster leveling, accelerated raids and dungeons, new rewards.

Thankfully, it’s not about being the same.

You weren’t powering through 60 levels in MoP either, but just 5.

We may well have flight and dragon riding right out the gate as well.

It’s a thematic event.

The problem is, this isn’t really going to illuminate that, because it also isn’t a good representation of the world of the expansion. You can’t really experience the world and story of an expansion when the whole point is to rush through it at breakneck speed. If you’re stopping to read quests or just enjoy the scenery, you’ll run out of time to check off all the little tasks they’ve set up for us.