Campaign Quest Locked Behind Raiding

If you’re going to gatekeep a major zone questline behind a raid boss, at the very least don’t wait a month and a half to have it available with LFR. We just now got wing 2.


Man sark is involved with the story? Wow I’m shocked.

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This seems like a step backwards tbh. Just give Ebyssian a dialogue option to “See what happened” and queue the cinematic, like they did with Bolvar in 9.2.


They want you to do Normal raiding so they can show their shareholders all the people doing the new raids which surely means their MAUs are going up.

And if they get you to wait an extra month to complete the story, well they can show their shareholders that their MAUs have gone up thanks to people staying supped to complete the story.


Just watch the questline on youtube and then complain about it on the forums like a normal person.


I’m not sure how long that final bit will be while Fyrakk is above ground and Sarkareth perished. :thinking:

Just want to be very clear–
The final chapter for the Embers of Neltharion questline will open up to all players, regardless of their personal raid progression, when Scalecommander Sarkareth becomes available in Raid Finder.

That story is related to the end of the raid. So in order for players to see the content as intended, we’ve made two possible requirements for the quest to be given: either (this week) you must have killed Sarkareth, or, for those who do not raid, the last chapter will open to you the same week as the final Raid Finder wing opens.

This way, we’re able to deliver the content to all without spoiling it for players who want to experience it chronologically.


Then have the last chapter of LFR release the same week as the last chapter of of the campaign. Why should players who don’t raid normal+ have to wait weeks to finish the outdoor story quests?


What this really says: Go watch it on Youtube if you don’t want to wait a month or stay subbed and help us increase our MAUs!

Appreciate the honesty at least.


Shame. Stop this timegating.


Nothing makes yall happy does it? They could have made the entire xpac completable from day one and yall would complain.


Just another disconnect between the Developers and the Players. No one wants their campaign time-locked. No one wants Raid Finder released over time. Just unlock Raid Finder at one time. The day after your coveted World First Mythic Race is over.


I mean, it’s not really helpful lol.

I don’t do organized raiding, so I must wait until June 19th when the wing opens in LFR unless I just use Youtube, which I might as well do lol.


I guess this question needs to pop up: Why is LFR time gated?

I really don’t care much for Sarkareth or most of the story of 10.1 so I’m not in a huge rush to PUG a Normal group for it but I’m just not sure why LFR is gated to begin with. Is it loot progression based? It can’t be for the story because people will see it done day one.


So… the spoiler for the final campaign might already be a harder secret than the Lich King. :dracthyr_sweat:

10.1.5. has a role for what happens.

edit: Making a new Aspect behind finishing the raid is another hilarious bad move.


People will tell you to give LFR players a sense of progression. They will throw in the Determination buff and that LFR players are all gigabads who can’t clear the content without it.

But realistically, it’s just to increase the MAUs.


So I was right. Its when you kill sarkareth.

Yes? We’ve established that a bit of this is necessary, especially for more casual players.

People would do that anyway. Im just tired of seeing nothing but complaints from these forums. People complain about anything and everything.

If I had to make a guess it would have to do with balancing. Its going to be harder to tune the raid for a group of people with no cohesion compared to a group that probably does research and has planed jobs each raid.

I agree to an extent, but time-gating LFR has never made sense to me. The entire raid is available in 3 different difficulties…but for some reason, they insist that LFR-Only players must wait over a month to access every boss.