Burning Crusade Classic Realm Consolidation August 9

Blizzard’s main reason that I have seen posted for not taking action quicker when servers die is “Some people like small servers” So when servers that used to be high population, drop down to zero to barely nothing, that is the only reasoning I see for them not taking action they have provided.


  • Make “low population only” servers with a of players so they dont affect those that want a high population + thriving economies, big world pvp etc.
  • Set a threshold for each low, medium, high pop servers. when they reach below range - action is immediately taken - no waiting months for solutions while watching servers die… no waiting for next update / patch or expansion…
  • Blizzard to stop making excuses for why they dont already have this in place, have a full time team or persons designated to full time balancing, merging servers or offering free transfers to keep things exciting + thriving.
  • Blizzard to stop manipulating & using the misfortune of dying servers to make $ on player transfers. When I think about how many ppl have spent amount transferring sometimes all 10 of their max character limit to another server because blizzard fails to act - it makes me sick.
  • Blizzard is not just failing keeping servers populated, but they fail to balance “horde vs alliance” Like why is this even possible or happening that some of these mega mass populated servers are all horde or all alliance? No incentives from blizzard to have players free transfer to help balance them? Why they doing nothing to balance these properly?? Free “alliance” only transfers to High horde populated servers… Or Free “horde” only transfers to high alliance populated servers…

It’s really too bad. seems like there was more oversight, more GMs, more staff when blizzard first ran wow servers many years ago. You would have thought the system would have gotten better with time, with the most popular mmorpg ever… not stayed the same or gotten worse.


Any update on the list of servers that will have free transfers opening up? Several servers are simply dying on the vine right now.


Now would be a good time for an updated list.

They should also release names from inactive players, too.

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Are all the destination free transfer realm opened up yet? Or is this still work in progress on Blizzard side? I am not seeing any PvP to PvE realm listed.

Does this mean that there will be TBC servers still running after WotLK launches? TBC is the only reason I still play WoW.

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I don’t know how this adds to the conversation about the consolidation of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic servers, as I am struggling to understand the part Pandaren (not available in WoW Classic until 2026) and mostly troll (WoW character race) text. :man_shrugging:

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Recently resubbed to the game… my multiple characters and profession alts are on one of these dead servers… In game GMOD shows destination/Battlenet friends all had free transfers to other servers… The free transfer list does not include the servers that my friends and guildies are on anymore so I am screwed… Will the aug9 consolidation allow players to choose any server? So I can rejoin my friends or am I out $$$ to paid transfer my entire character list (not doing it). Please let me rejoin my guilds/friends! If not, I do not see me resubbing again/playing wrath except maybe on a fresh server without transfers.


Exactly need clarification from Blizzard if the limited list of free destination server we are seeing is the final list or Blizzard will add more choices.


This is EXACTLY why there needs to be BETTER oversight with Blizzard on server migration!!

Sorry to hear @agonyze - that is a shame.


are you guys paying attention?


Plus we Role players are still left hanging in exactly the same - or maybe even worse way.

We have these Questions:

  • Will Celebras be kept alive?
  • When will free transfer TO the RP servers open?
  • When will free transfer OFF RP servers close down?

Let Celebras survive

As it currently reads, come Aug9, Blizz is just going to pick a destination for anyone who hasn’t already transferred off those closed servers.

It would be good to have an update sooner though for those having to make a decision on when/where to jump.

A step further out, re: the 2-3 servers next in line above the cutoff, I’m a bit skeptical those can remain populated enough to stay healthy through even a 12-15 months Wrath life.

My server has dropped by 80% from its height in early TBC. We had another guild transfer off over the weekend. We really need to have a final list of which servers will have free transfers. The update promised by @ Kaivax in the OP has not happened yet. Please update the post with final list so we can figure out what we’re doing for Wrath.


They wanted to wait until after the holiday sale, apparently.

This way people had to gamble on whether to buy the transfers at sale price, rather than being able to make a semi-informed decision but pay even more outrageous service fees to make it happen.

Unless I missed it, we still don’t have much clarity on what they are thinking for fresh servers (how many, what types, etc.) either, so a lot of decisions/planning are still really in the wind. Certainly my own are anyway.

Did Blizzard just stealth open free transfers for some servers?

Like Earthfury now has free transfers to 4 realms, Grobb, Sulfuras, Yojama, and Arugal.

How can you tell the transfer is free?

Go to the shop after you launch TBC Classic. If you see “Free Server Transfer” under Services, it’s free.


Thanks. Old Blanchy still off the list apparently :frowning:

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Yeah, Heartseeker seems to have the same options… Only mega servers or Oceanic PvP… I’d like to move to a mid-pop PvE server.

Yeah, the strategy is curious.

For one, most people who chose small servers probably don’t have megaservers as their first choice.

For two, it just means that more of the smaller mid-pop servers are going to dwindle as people transfer off (which Blizz likes for $$) or quit (which presumably Blizz likes less) and eventually be in the same boat.

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