Burning Crusade Classic Realm Consolidation August 9

Heartseeker has been on the option since free transfers were originally annouced.

The problem you have with a mid-pop PVE server is they don’t really exist anymore.

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There are plenty.

No there really are not.

Atiesh I suppose is one. Westfall is really the next closest thing but it’s slowly getting smaller.

I have toons on Westfall and Remulos. Both are quite healthy.

I never once said healthy in my statements. I said medium pop.

They are not the same thing.

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I think players and Blizzard have a different standard.

I’m trying to transfer characters from Deviate Delight to Grobulus but it is full. It is the Only RP pvp server available and where the bulk of DD transferred to.
My other options are as follows.
Arugal- Oceanic PVP ( :frowning: oceanic from east coast?)
Bloodsail Buccaneers- US East RPPVE (Not pvp :frowning: )_
Earthfury- US East PVP (now open to free transfers due to low pop :frowning: )
Sulfaras-US East PVP (100% horde so PVE? :frowning: )
Yojamba- PVP Oceanic ( :frowning: oceanic from east coast?)

I just resub’d because I wanted to choose the realm to transfer to and not get stuck somewhere when the consolidation take place. Yet I have NO real viable options.

What the do I do?
1.Call customer service and ask for a refund, and don’t come back for WoTLK
2.Open a ticket and see if i can get transferred to a full server Grobbulus, find out it can’t happen and just do #1?
3. Transfer toons on an oceanic server and wait 90 days to then transfer again via a paid service?
4. Wait a bit longer and hope that a new US RP PVP east coast server is created
5. Transfer to 100% horde server and hope another round of free transfers occur?
6.Cancel sub, lick wounds, uninstall, GG you got my $15 dollars for this sham of an announcement.

I’m lost and salty so my apologies for tone.


Holy… I just tried to do the same.


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I appreciate all the work you folks are doing at Blizzard. We’re a month out from this consolidation. Could we get some more options on transfering? (PvP → PvE would be nice.)

Also, could we get some names freed up from the inactive players?

Our guild is also annoyed by this. They say we can use pack mules to move all of our stuff from the tabs before the August 9th deadline. Yeah, if we move before we can choose the realm we end up on, but let’s face it, it’s not really a move by choice. RIP guilds and tabs. Not like people put any time and effort into that, right? We can just start all over again. This needs a solution sooner, rather than later. Even if it’s a refund to the guild master for the guild and tabs, then at least they will have the means to recreate the guild. Otherwise, it just feels like a punishment to the few groups of people that stayed on certain servers.


The least they could do is mail the GMs the gold lost on said tabs.

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I REALLY hope faction changes are looming.

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benediction is a 99.9 allys server, there is no horde in this server , can you pls let us move to other servers for free pls.

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I’m Alliance, and I paid to get off that sever. It sucks.

Could we get free xfers off old blanchy? Another dead server and would love to play on an active realm. Need some extra servers on that list, thank you.

It’s 99.5% Alliance now so the balance is improving don’t worry :^)
You can make Horde and Alliance on the same PVP server now don’t forget

I see you fixed the transfer bug, ty.

Now how bout you release the 90-day, paid transfer lock-out for these said servers?

I’m trying to pay for some of these transfers; money you’re missing out on.

Dear Kaivax

Please let all 3 EU RP servers survive. You have heard from us on Hydraxian Waterlords, you have heard from Celebras and you have also heard from Zandalari Tribe.

Now those latter have made a new thread:

My prayer to you:

Please let Celebras, Hydraxian Waterlords & Zandalari Tribe live on!

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Not everyone on Old Blanchy is unhappy with the population levels. Some of us spent a lot of money to move to this server. And we love it just the way it is.

Very True. I don’t miss the Bar fight at every node mentality from high population. Please leave Old Blanchy to develop on its own.