Burning Crusade Classic Realm Consolidation August 9

At 51.3% as of right now.

My names are taken on every possible server. As an apology to the people who’s realms are getting shut down, WE should get to keep our names, and the players who have them on the realms they’re moving us to should lose them.

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What about guild bank tabs? If you can’t move the tabs, could GMs get a refund for their tabs?


Thats funny you say that, I’ve actually been on Pagle for the entirety of TBC and its extremely difficult to find groups let alone complete the content unless you’re in a guild. Consistently have dungeons and groups where people just don’t understand their class and the content… 3 hour Karas, SRs not getting past Al’ar, wiping basic heroics if you can get them… Its been dying since phase 2 dropped. I need a server where I can find groups with decent players past 10pm


Im worried you are right…

Earthfury might not get FREE transfers like the other servers… only because we still have 100-200 players still playing on the server. That is pretty insulting and unfair tbh.

If a server drops below a certain of a player base, we should automatically qualify for a server transfer or migration somewhere else. This waiting around to find out if they are feeling generous is not very transparent and annoying. They are not holding themselves accountable to the players they serve


Please, address this thread that has been on the top of these forums for the past five weeks.

also looking for an reply on that topic, bump

Oh and put other players out who quite possibly have been holding those names on their home servers for the entirety of classic and at this point it is a big part of their identity? So if you went there and took his name, would his acquaintances not mistake you for him?

I get it’s not your fault your server died or your fault you have to leave now. But it’s absolutely no fault of the people on the realm you’re going to, either. They don’t even know you exist and have this problem. It would blindside them.

Honestly unbelievable. The extent to which arrogance and self righteousness will go for some people. I really hope all that is just made up or trolling.

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Hello Kaivax,

In the coming weeks, we plan to remove the restriction on transfers from Normal to PvP realms in Burning Crusade Classic. At that time, we will open additional Free Character Transfers from underpopulated Normal realms wherever appropriate, and we will remove the rule on PvP realms that prevents players from having characters in both factions on the same PvP realm in Burning Crusade Classic. We’ll confirm all of the details as soon as we’re ready to take those steps.

Thank you!

I’m actually thrilled to hear the above, because we’ve been asking for this very thing on Classic Era.

Will this also be done to Classic Era?

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Can we please get an ETA on the restrictions being lifted?.. every week counts

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In order to maintain a healthy population for the Burning Crusade Classic realm, a minimum character threshold of level 60 is given, because it is often heard rumors that there has been a transfer of small characters to full servers with the aim of selling goods with it making a market unstable on the destination server. . hopefully it will be the best solution to make this game more interesting.

This should help seaver heal alot

descansa en paz loatheb !
te extrañaremos

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Please consider the time zones when making consolidations. When mergers where done on Retail my East Coast server was merged with a West Coast, which made guild recruitment and raid run times challenging. It will help to have East with East / West to West or a decent balance so guilds have enough people to recruit from the same time zone.

Those left on Deviate Delight, who were enjoying their sparse homesteading, forced community camaraderie, are very sad to be forced to leave. If we wanted to be somewhere more populated, we would have been.

At least I didn’t pull the trigger on transferring an alt from Grobb to DD as paid transfer last week when I thought about it. :confused:

I get why, but I’m super, super disappointed.

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Thank you for taking steps towards correcting the crippling population issues on the realms.

The issue of massive faction imbalances on many realms still needs to be addressed however.

This is a bad decision although I am aware this action was taken in the original WotLK.

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They should keep someone on payroll with their primary job is to “Balance Servers” populations, economy + interest. Provide incentives for transfers when populations reach a certain threshold. Something that is transparent - that we can count on - instead of randomness that has been horrible for servers.

@blizzard - how can you expect us to care, stay interested, continue to play on servers that die off, when you - yourselves dont take it serious enough to act quicker… before servers just “die”. Your lack of action is what ruins this game… You act way too late.

August is the time table? You are already LATE, but you need 2 more months to decide all the servers that “can” have free transfers? please get it together for the future of wow classic+

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I have just as much right to keep my names as they do. That’s the point.

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Can you please update it on other PVP servers as well who also don’t have a healthy sustainable population? PVP servers like Earthfury, and Sulfuras?

How about just close these as well and just provide transfers from these 2 servers to the rest and just slim down so all the remaining servers are just the mega servers like Grobb, Faerlina, Bene, and Whitemane.


Why not consolidate some of the smaller servers? If you combined the three small PVE-NA-West servers (Old Blanchy, Azuresong, and Myzrael), you’d still have a smaller server (3500 logged toons), but it would leave a more playable environment.