Burning Crusade Classic Hotfixes – Updated August 16

Make a 2nd account. Make it the opposing faction

Camp em

If x amount of people do this.

Its gg

They cant PVP at all. Really bad.

Well that’s just awful, literally killing the boosting mages and whatnot.
Now I get a lot of people have gripes about people using dungeon boosting to level, but at the same time, that doesn’t hurt anyone at all, so you just took a fun aspect of the game out, because what, people were crying about it? This hurts NO ONE. But not only that, the “large disparity” doesn’t seem to be large at all, when looking at a post from yesterday, a SIX LEVEL DIFFERENCE caused the exp gain to plummet? If you’re gonna do crap like this, at LEAST make it viable, plenty of people’re still going in to SM in the low 40’s, that’s not worth destroying the exp gain for. If you’re gonna base it on level, I’d say make it at least a 15 to 20 level difference, SIX isn’t a big enough level difference to make any sort of difference, they’re at most slightly stronger.

Either way, guess my second mage on my second account’s just worthless now, was leveling it up to have a max level mage on both accounts specifically for boosting my own toons, because I found that enjoyable, and I’m in an instance, I’m not taking other people’s mobs, no bothering crap, but that’s just not gonna work anymore? Okay, good job.

Also, why can’t these changes be added into the patch notes on the launcher? Why do they have to be only in the forums? I barely use the forums, there’s usually nothing but people bickering and it’s been that way for as long as I can remember.


Yeah I don’t understand why this isn’t on the launcher either. I mean this is a big change that should be communicated to the players!

Have you tried to level a character from 1-70 without boosts recently? Near impossible to find a dungeon group until about level 60. This is how it hurts everyone. Because no one does dungeons if you can just sit in stocks/SM while some level 70 does all the work.

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It hurts everyone, you should think about where this gold is going that “mages” (gold farmers) are earning doing these menial tasks? That’s right, buying the gold.

That is hugely impart to blizzards adding of paid ingame features that they said, wouldnt be a thing when classic launched, the ol ropey dopey switcheroo tactic… Also it is greatly impart to server imbalance, which strongly detures new players from joining a server aswell, as I highlight in my previous post here. Suggestions to Fix the server Imbalance - WoW Classic / Burning Crusade Classic Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

bro have you tried to level right now??? So many freaking people… every single dungeon in looking for group and no boosting posts its amazing.


Thanks for the boosting nerfs blizz. So glad you can tell me exactly how to play a game I pay for. Really appreciate it.

Since your LFG completely sucks and you refuse to put in the retail version that works just fine, I use me lvl 70 to get my teeny toons up to speed without having to suffer finding groups and doing the same quests 9,862 times.

The only thing you have really prevented is me logging in more. Forget making new toons, I’ll just raid log when I feel like it.

I’m also not looking forward to doing anything at all in dragonflight since you completely botched shadowlands. It’s boring, tedious, boring, rips the lore to shreds, boring, and of course…boring. So, being that you achieved total boring in retail, I guess you just HAD to extend the misery on down to TBC, probably wrath too.

After playing this game from open beta, perhaps it’s time I just put it away…as in delete it off my hard drive. My computers will probably last longer if I do saving me even MORE money. Anyway, glad to know you feebs at Blizz still despise the people that pay your bills, it’s always good to know relevant info like that.

Brah!!! Howre they going to make it so i cant even run ramps w my brother whos a new player . Just bc im level 70?!?! Brahhhhhhh so dumb

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Please revisit this.

The impact to experience is hitting players OUTSIDE of dungeons and WITHOUT a large disparity between levels.

Today, while I (23 - Mage) was leveling with a friend (30 - Warrior) in Duskwood, mob experience for me dropped to 10 experience. 12.3…10. While I can understand your desire to curb dungeon boosting/sales, this complete degenerates the leveling / community experience outside of those scenarios.

My assumption is that this is unintended in the world and/or the dials needs to be scaled back on average level disparity. 7 levels difference while questing is not unheard of in classic zones.

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I do the same thing, boost my own toons. I liked doing it. It’s ENTERTAINMENT that hurt absolutely NO-ONE else at all. I don’t buy gold, I don’t sell gold, and I don’t charge anyone for what I do because I don’t do it for anyone else.

So good job blizz. That was intensely stupid. If this is what we can expect in the future from your new microsoft masters, I’ll shortly be done with wow for good, and it’s probably time I was done with it since I’ve been playing from original open beta.

I went classic because retail (Shadowlands) sucks to the maximum. Now destroy half my fun in classic, why should I be here again? I was going to drop Wow after wrath was largely done, but I’m thinking with these kind of idiotic changes they’ll probably mess up wrath too.

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Good go away.

Your the reason I began to hate playing classic. (And why the game was dying.)
The game is finally about leveling and playing with others. Not sitting AFK in a dungeon for hours on end.

So you, as a hordie, are bothered by me, an alliance, boosting my own toons in a dungeon you will never see me in.

Gotcha. You’re insane.


I’m in the camp of this was total BS. It wasn’t nerfed as such in classic so stop changing things. I’ve had 2 accounts so i could level my own alts for over a decade. Anyone who cries they cant find a group then find another server. My server had plenty of people selling boost runs and far far more running normal groups at all levels. I’ve already leveled every char to 70 in OG tbc I dont need to do it all again on a nostalgia server when i just want to raid end game. I dont understand why you cant roll a lv 58 of every class after you max 1 character. Grinding quests to level 1-58 is a chore and doing it is even harder when you cant get boosts. Personally im going to quit if this stays as is. If i wanted a 2nd job i would play retail. Classic is all about reliving raids and instances. not grinding quests solo, or trying to find 4 other people who happen to be leveling an alt 2 months before wrath launches.

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I play both. :slight_smile:

But yes I played back in vanilla when boosting was only something gold farmers did and back in the day gasp blizzard banned you for boosting.

Basically by sitting in a dungeon leveling yourself you are taking away from the total number of people playing together in the open world and running dungeons together.
(Now if you were always a solo player to begin with this doesn’t matter, but I would say most people don’t play this game solo…)

Here is today’s hotfix for Burning Crusade Classic:

JULY 28, 2022

Burning Crusade Classic

  • Fixed an issue where the Shattered Hand Scout could prevent completion of Shattered Halls.
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Thank you for the update

Holy crap I just hopped on my 51 mage to do some aoe mindless fun in zf, it is cathartic for me, i did it on my pally too, love the challenge of that, and these mobs all teleporting everywhere i go. GET RID of this change, revert revert REVERT… I don’t care how much other people ran dungeons or boosted or made the gold less valuable, aoe farming either gold, or xp, or just for the challenge of it gave me long term goals that I appreciated accomplishing and polishing to fine art. It is an ASPECT of the game, not a bane. I play a rogue, i solo kill things fast, I play a warrior, i midly kill multiple things fast, I play a mage I wanna kill a lot of things. It is part of the game. Put it back. I litterally spent hard earned gold (on faerlina alliance no less) to get my blacksmithing to a point to buy demon forged breastplate and the stam darkmoon fair trinket because i wanted to see if i could do it and how well i could. Not everything is about raiding, which i do, nor pvp, which i do, but I also enjoy group play, solo play, and questing. I didnt do aoe as a means to avoid leveling via questing, keep in mind i never boosted nor bought a boost in my life, but as a challenge for large investment, high reward, especially on paladin. Not something I want to do for long term gold making, most just for fun. This is not a change i endorse, and emphatically say revert. REVERT!

Also, now that I have your attention, You keep thinking about fixing server populations for low pops, but what about pops that are low on a high pop sever. We made the mistake of moving to faerlina 10 days before the mass exodus last november, then because of the 3 month wait, we got stuck there. Now we have too many toons to swap servers. You should impliment a “if your side of the server is below X ammount percent of the total populatin, you get an automatic free transfer.” I mean my god, we are less than 5% of the server population; and thats rounding up by a lot. Give us a way off this rock without costing us 200 bucks to move our toons, shoot, i would even buy a 50 dollar you have 24 hours to move every toon on every server option to shuffle them all around.

But if only one thing is taken into account from this post, REVERT THOSE CHANGES. They are gross. Allow aoe to be allowed again, shoot make it harder, just not impossible. Challenges are a great part of early wow, and you just shot one of the best goal oriented desires in the foot. I would spend tons of time gearing my paladin just to be able to pull a whole low level dungeon. That is fun, sure NERF the xp into the ground, i dont care about that, just let me aoe.

Here is another idea, instead of nerfing aoe, nerf the xp like you did, but reduce the number of instances one can do in an hour to 2 instead of 5. That would severly limit the hard core gold farming capacity of gold farmers (real money traders) without limiting the casual aoe’ers that do it for fun. Or something along the line of 2 an hour and 10 dungeons per day. so the xp boosting would exist as a means to do it casually but practically be dead as a business. or perhaps some debuff that has you unable to run into a dungeon for 2 hours after you do one with a huge disparity, something like 25 levels or greater.

Some formatting and maybe a summary at the start might help…