Burning Crusade Classic Hotfixes – Updated August 16

tHiS BeHavIoR MaTcHEs tHe RefEreNcE CliEnT AnD iS nOt CoNSidErEd A BuG

Annnnd they continue to cherry pick which bugs they fix…

Please, address this thread that has been on the top of these forums for the past five weeks.

can you hotfix your shiit servers so we can play like we paid for

Here is the upcoming hotfix to Burning Crusade Classic:

JUNE 22, 2022

Burning Crusade Classic

  • [With realm restarts] To address a bug that prevented Midsummer Fire Festival bonfire quests from resetting for players who previously completed them, all Midsummer bonfire quests will be reset. This includes any yearly quests that players might have completed for the first time since the event began at 12:01 a.m. on June 21.
    • Developers’ note: This fix requires that we restart all realms, so to get the fix applied as soon as possible, we’re preforming realm restarts soon during off-peak hours in each region.

Mine are still not showing as reset yet so not sure if my realm has had the restart completed…

Still not fixed on Heartseeker or Benediction. No reset, yet?

Doesn’t seem to be reset yet on Ashkandi.

Has been reset now. :+1:

Servers haven’t reset… They will start at 7am Pacific (per launcher.)

It reset this years as well, so if you have been doing the zone quest. You can do it twice this year if you already did it.

You accidentally reset the quest ‘The Public Servant’ Quest ID=433. This one quest in particular seems to get reset a lot.

JULY 25, 2022

Burning Crusade Classic

  • Creatures in most dungeons have been adjusted so that it is now significantly more difficult to snare and kite them to a large degree.
  • In dungeons, group XP earned has been greatly reduced whenever there is large disparity between player levels in the same group.

This is awesome. Thanks!

Overall, I like the changes, but the range of player levels before experience is reduced seems really small. I was doing SM Library on an alt with the group being 32 35 36 and 42 (4 manning as our tank DCd) and started getting 20 experience per kill.

Normal Library run, no 70 booster, just 4 people trying to make their way through the dungeon after losing a player. Once we realized it was just loot/quests and not experience, people left and the group fell apart.


I truly don’t understand why it’s so hard to Region block Indonesia and other Asian countries that flood our servers with RMT and botting. You could also block VPNs pretty easily as well. This is a typical Blizzard fix that punishes the entire playerbase and a guy can’t even go do a 200g an hour farm now. Do you realize that doing simple 5 man groups or even PUG raids is a nightmare because you end up with LOADS of players that speak less than 10 words of english. These players are still going to be on the servers and they are going to be ruining the experience. This is not classic wow that I remember, this is Indonesian Wow and it’s disgusting.

Will the shattered halls bug be fix with (7/26) update? After you kill the first boss the mob that starts the gauntlet is bugged and is not targetable. You either have wipe and have recovery, or have the mob just follow you through the dungeon not being able to drink. I have attempted the dungeon 4-5 times since boosting nerfs and has consistently happened every single time.

How about a follow up to these terrible changes?

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You mean, with, more, changes?

Is there an estimated timeframe for a fix to ZA … The gauntlet to the first boss is beyond broken.

good change thanks blizz

bruh it was already hard enough for me that wowhead is inaccessible from my country and now you also want to prevent me from playing WOW, jfc