Bulk Character Transfer

at the start of the expansion, they let people transfer all their characters for FREE off of the full servers.

If people want to transfer a bunch of characters to those servers now they most definitely should pay, although I would prefer they put restrictions on which servers they can move to for that reduced price.

peel that onion because you’re not seeing the whole picture as to why they offered it in the first place.

How would that help the problem of server overcrowding?

Imagine wanting to punish people instead of fixing the problem. Lol.

Essentially player paid server mergers are coming. Blizzard created this problem, and now players have to pay to fix it.

  • Server population cap
  • Faction population cap

Should have been implemented so this didn’t happen.

Since blizz always disappoints I’m going to guess, transfer 5+ for 15% off.


people would be more inclined to move to less populated servers - that shouldn’t take very much thinking.

For eg, I am on a dead server and I now get a deal that I can transfer all my characters to a medium or high population realm - that sounds like a win not punishment. Punishment would be to let the fools all transfer to the full servers and then have everyone having to put up with 4 hour queue times at the start of next expansion. And there is only so much they can do or even should do. It isn’t good for the game that there is only a few ‘desirable’ servers.

Instead of $25 per character, if you move more than one it’s only $20 each! Or you can move an entire server (up to 50 characters) for $299!


I wish I could applaud this but it should have been done years ago.

Well I think this is a sign. This is a sign the devs are acknowledging the playerbase has contracted dramatically in size and is not going to recover soon.

They realize too many people are now on dead realms and whereas before they were happy to collect full price realm transfers and faction changes from those people (to keep up their shop income numbers to hide the subs decline) they now realize too many of them have just quit the game because the pain point of those costs is too high and they’d rather just move on and leave WoW now that it isn’t in such good shape.

Make no mistake. This is not Blizzard taking pity on players after a decade and a half of these prices, this is Blizzard realizing it is losing (too many) customers and adjusting a pricing structure to attempt to retain addicts errr customers in the coming decline of WoW as well as continue to have revenue from their desperation and addiction. A benevolent company might blame themselves for the decline and offer free mass transfers to say all high level characters at the start of the next expac from all low/medium pop realms, but Blizz has to keep up those shop income numbers because they’re the only thing masking the subscriber numbers going off a cliff and Activision is breathing heavily on the back of their neck.

In other words this is them adjusting to the new normal of WoW. Realizing if they don’t try and give addicts a price break they might lose them and they’ve already lost so many that now it’s obvious many servers are dead (and will never recover) that the players on them without a bone being thrown would just quit.

The whales have already x-ferred, their money is jingling in the hands of the Blizz accountants and now they’re going for the people too cheap, too poor, too drained of this game and unwilling to invest full price to fix it. Keep an eye out for similar moves. When they start offering other discounts it tells you the whales are either leaving, have left already, or have already spent their fill and closed their wallets to Blizz.

I’m not saying this is the devs socking it to us as I’m not sure how much input they even had on this pricing structure compared to higher level people who don’t develop game assets. I am saying this is the company acknowledging something the white knights on this forum have been denying for a year now. (Though the devs do have problems and well they’re whistling on the bridge of this ship while it grinds itself against the side of an iceberg or frantically pointing at the passengers and claiming they did it.)


This seems like a money grab to me, while it’s part of the process (not a faction change as well), myself and a lot of my friends in game have be abandoning alliance/high pop alliance servers like no tomorrow. I wonder if this decision was influenced by the number of people transferring to horde/high horde pop servers. Puts less stress on blizzard severs while also making them more money.


When the milk dries up, it’s off to the slaughterhouse. :slight_smile:


Same source that provided $25 for a cloning service.

Wouldn’t be shocked if it’s three digits of $.


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I think this is their solution to the faction imbalance too. This is probably their first attempt at fixing it rather than just merging and letting everyone finally play together. At least they’ll be able to make some cash before they’re forced to acknowledge it has failed just before 11.0.

A year CD would be fun to see :laughing:

Server transfers don’t include faction transfers.

The only solution to faction imbalance is removing faction restrictions. They seem open to that if some recent tweets are any suggestion. But they could make transfers to alliance free forever and it wouldn’t help with imbalance—nobody is going to want to be first to play a dead faction, so everyone will just stay put. There is no incentive to change, really. What’s the upside?

Final nail in the coffin of low pop servers and the Alliance.

As long as it’s less than the 3 digits of $ I usually pay when I transfer 12 characters :laughing:

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No but I wouldn’t be surprised if they introduce bulk pricing for faction changes too. I mean the services are often used together. We’ll see. If they plan on merging the factions they won’t do it. If this is purely to target dead servers and getting players off them to keep them addicted and playing then I guess we could see this only applying to this for now though I expect in future people would push for bulk pricing on faction changes should they remain.

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Overwriting all my forum history because of stalkers harassing on multiple platforms. Blizzard won’t let us delete history to avoid targeted harassment.

You realize character transfers already exist, right? And have for many years?

Overwriting all my forum history because of stalkers harassing on multiple platforms. Blizzard won’t let us delete history to avoid targeted harassment.