Bulk Character Transfer

Which will be messed up af because we are paying for mediocre changes now. Items are constantly recolored, objects reused or revamped., and a lot of things being revised or removed. With World of Warcraft down to 1.2-1.6M subscribers the last thing Blizzard needs to do is make themselves look like a bigger fool by raising sub prices. They need to lower it at this point $9.95/mo imo. If they raise it they only players who will be left playing is Mike Ybarra and his boost fans.

Combining both would be great so I can finally play with european friends

Will this be for Classic TBC as well or just for the retail version?


Easier to design content/rewards to make players more readily lean toward thinking of buying a token.

are we getting a large server character limit? because i have a few characters to move to my main server but i already have the cap limit in the server

Character limit per server is 50. Same as account. Been that way since 8.1.5 (spring 2019).

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If no one quit you would still have to pay to keep playing

Pretty sure I have probably spent around $500-$1000 on server/faction changes in SL alone.

Never ever going alliance again.

How about instead of seeing us as piggy banks, you finally merge all servers so we can guild up with our friends no matter what server they’re on? Would also help those of us on dead servers that got merged with other dead servers. You know, since the hype of the new patch died. We’re a dead server again.


Or, you could make it free with a cooldown :man_shrugging:

How can you justify even charging money for this is beyond me


Yay! :tada:

Excited to see this go live!

This needs to be changed as well. You can have 400 characters on one account, let people go wild if they don’t enjoy Shadowlands or want to play every specific established class/race fantasy.

I highly doubt a substantial portion of the population has the time to even make a dent through 400 characters in a year allowed for a blizz account. Your situation would be better suited with having cheaper race/faction changes.

It’s pretty easy to reach 30-50 characters and have them fully transmogged at LV 10. Most RPers I know have many different characters ready for several purposes on both sides.

I had 6 I could only afford 3 poop timing

That’s a terrible idea, that’s why the optional services aren’t free.

See Rift for an example of why free transfers are bad.

please don’t let them group move to full servers

I’m seeing a whole lot of ‘get an inch, want a mile’ thought here.

Just take the win and be happy.

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What game are you playing? Lol. This community will never ever be happy.

This is an unmitigated victory. Could they do other things also? Sure. Does that diminish this being a great change for the better? Absolutely not.

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Merging servers doesn’t produce enough revenue for blizzard so you’re going to bundle us to xfer to mega hub servers.

That is essentially a server merger and you get rich doing it. Customer service and care is atrocious and detrimental to the health for TBC, SoM, and Wrath.

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