Bugfix for Battle for Azeroth Level-up Dungeons

Along with the players who reported this, we found a bug causing enemies in Battle for Azeroth dungeons to scale well beyond their intended difficulty.

With scheduled realm maintenance on Tuesday, we will deploy a fix for the bug and the difficulty of the affected dungeons should become very similar to that of Chromie Time leveling dungeons.

To everyone who reported the state of BFA dungeons: thank you very much.


Nerfing tanks due to M0 numbers doesn’t need to happen again

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Hi is there a possibility to fix a few of the other levelling dungeons that have weird scaling (or temporarily disable the mechanics)? Two that comes to mind is the intense damage of Roogug’s Woven Elements in Razorfen Kraul as well as the Spirit Link Totem mechanic of Warlord Ramtusk, causing players of differing levels to have wildly fluctuating health values. The Spirit Link Totem can be a brick wall in many cases for groups (I think it affects higher level characters a lot more than lower level ones?)

There’s a few others I can probably find but those are the 2 that come to mind at the very moment


Aside from the damage that just 1 shots you. I like how much harder the standard bfa dungeons feel, on my healer I feel like I actually get to do something lol


Great. Now can you make it so that newbies to the game have queueable options other than BFA dungeons for leveling?


yeah no joke. my mains legendary cloak that was maxxed out in bfa was ilvl 155. bfa lvlign dungeons in the 50-60 range were scaled to and dropping 160 ilvl gear

all of my old level 50s were 80-100 ilvl below the avg ilvl of normal dungeons. was impossible to do. tried healing one on my druid and literally couldnt keep he tank up spamming heals through full hots


While I agree with your sentiment, some fights (like Galvazzt in Temple of Sethraliss), are straight up unhealable for someone like a Disc priest. In saying that too, the final boss of that dungeon that requires it to be healed as part of the fight, as Disc, you are out of mana before the fight even gets to halfway just spamming flash heal on a boss with insane hp scaling

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There’s more going here than just BFA scaling Kaivax.

For example, I have an original “Earthshaker” 2H hammer that drops off Magmadar in Molten Core.

This was from the original raid 18 years ago, which I did and got this drop on my 2nd time through it.

Through all the squishes’ it now sits at ilvl 29. Meanwhile if you go get one currently it drops at ilvl 97. (I know because I am farming it for a 2nd)

Further ALL my old alts with old gear, the Ilvl is ALL low like this and I can’t even do a basic kill quest without geting 2 shotted from a wolf.

I have a DK that I used a boost token on from buying an expac, I can’t rem which but he was given a full set of “fel” gear upon using it. I never got around to playing him since and now he is lvl 40 and the gear is the same 70% lower than the content so impossible to play without regearing.

This needs to be looked at deeper.


Okay, this makes sense. I thought I was crazy when trying to heal an Underrot thinking the scaling was off. The damage happening in that dungeon was insane.

The issue the dps players on average are not good enouph half the games my healer out damages all dps by so much and its not even because of scaling they really are juat bad players

I’ve noticed I’ve been out dpsing the dps as my resto druid just spamming wrath. Something funky is uo

I knew it!

Dungeon finder, New player unable to play those - Guides / New Player Help and Guides - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

I got insulted of selfish clown for it…

I’m guessing I’m not the clown after all :clown_face:

Sheesh how much time and how many people have to report before something is done? The time it takes to get acknowledgement or fixes is insane.

That’s what Chromie Time is for; I’ve got a couple of alts running Vanilla quests while queuing for TBC dungeons.

Newbies (people that have never had a level 60 character on their account) cannot join Chromie Time – They are forced to queue for BFA dungeons.