Dungeon finder, New player unable to play those


I’m leveling a DH which will be havoc at level 70, for the meanwhile, I’m playing vengeance for the fast time in queue and why not, the game is in shortage of tank so everybody win having a tank willing to play the dungeon

The problem is most of the people playing those low level dungeon are probably new and don’t have a clue on how to play the mechanic of boss, they even most of them don’t play their class the right way leading to poor dps.

Combine those problem and the dungeon is a total fiasco, I don’t want to spend 1 hour to complete a dungeon or having to explain all the mechanic to every group (when they listen…)

Blizz, revert the dungeon to the classic/vanilla, the easy clap one with braindead mechanic, you can’t ask to a new players to learn how to play the game, learning how to perform their class and playing the mechanic of a dungeon like BFA/SL/DF, they will have those content once they reach level 70 and are comfortable with the game.

You are overwhelming new/returning player, I’m giving up with dungeon finder for the meantime and will level up my alt in another way

Blizzard doesn’t come to the new player forum for feedback. This is a low volume, player to player help desk to get new peeps pointed in the right direction when they have questions.

If you want them to see your feedback you’ll want to post in one of the community forums like General Discussion, or by using the in game feedback tool which funnels directly to the game devs.


thanks will repost it on the General discussion !

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So, you think it’s better for new players and the game if they make it to level 70 and still know nothing? Blizzard. Don’t listen to this impatient, selfish clown.

Right, you sure known the game better than me with ur 400 io and 8/8 LFR lol

The fact that you’re focused on things irrelevant to the point doesn’t make you look any smarter.

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The fact that you are being rude without developing your response to my topic prove that you are an idiot.

I’m just trying to be at your intellectual level :upside_down_face:

I made a logical criticism of your post. If you missed it, that’s on you, champ.

No, you did made an unconstructive criticism, my topic is constructive see the difference ?

By the way, this topic has been reposted the same day in General Discussion, go to it and you will see constructive response to it

You are a clown. :clown_face:

You need to work on your reading comprehension, then.

One of the biggest complaints in the game for years has been the new player experience and how players make it to max level and then ruin keys because they never learned mechanics or their tools while leveling because nothing was difficult enough that they needed to learn in order to succeed. But you’re worried about having to actually talk to new players and want to make leveling dungeons easier just so YOU can go faster and make it even worse for them. And you’re stunned anyone would call that selfish and impatient, because you know so much about the game.

Tell you what, Blizzard give this guy what he wants. Put him in a special queue with only AOTC alts until he hits max level and let him complain about it taking 3 days to get a group.

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Ah see, you can do constructive answer which will deserve a better reply than the last few trolling we did

People still break key, and it won’t probably never change. There is a mechanism of mythic 0 going up gradually (+2, +3, +5), people who time a +2 or +5 and jump directly to +10, +11, +12 without knowing the mechanic of boss / trash will result to a fail. When a season start, dungeon are new and even players who have KSM last season will not known what they are doing and will break keys

I’m not worried, I talk to them as explicitly said in my topic, I also said new player don’t known the game, don’t known how to perform their class yet and in the top of it, low level characters don’t even have all their toolbox and spell at their disposal to perform at best in a dungeon. Wouldn’t be easier to let people first learn how to play gradually their class in a dungeon without overwhelming them with mechanic of boss and trash ? Once they can perform without problem their role, then add mechanic. You can’t learn if things are going to fast, and at the actual time, it skyrocket.

I’m selfish and impatient because I’m getting tired of explaining everything on every group ? I’m selfish and impatient because a dungeon that would take 20 to 30 min go over 50 min because my DPS as tank is higher than the dps ? I’m selfish and impatient because I want to level up my ton to do high end content before next season ?

You trolling again here :clown_face:

The criticism was plain in the first comment, you simply chose to ignore it, just like you’re ignoring that it is laughable to think new players shouldn’t even begin to start learning mechanics until M0, where you will STILL complain about bads slowing your runs. You’re much more transparent than you seem to think.

And now you don’t make any sense, so I will stop conversing you, it’s a waste of my time, you are not worth it.

I’m a selfish prick, that’s your opinion and if I’m ruining the experience of the new player guess what : They are ruining my too and like them, I’m paying the game


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:clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:

…the pot calling the kettle black.

the issue that I see that neither you nor Blizzard can “fix” is new players wanting to learn the game and their class. Whenever I start a new toon I make it a point to try out every ability and come up with a rotation that “works”. Doesnt have the optimal or best one, it just needs to work to advance me.

When I join a group I am aware that I am just part of something bigger so my goals still matter but I dont pursue them at the cost of others. This includes not wasting other peoples time when I dont have a clue about anything.

With these two things I might very well be in the tiny minority of todays gamers I dont know, it certainly feels like this.

Fact is that all the people who dont give a crap cannot be forced to do better. The best you can do is offer incentives because punishment doesnt really work, not if you want to have return customers and people who want to play your game.

Now that being said its safe to say that a lot of the responsebility goes to fellow gamers who put in the effort and patience to teach newcomers (like it happens here on this subforum). Its frustrating and oftentimes its not fruitful because you end up with some arsehats who dont give a crap.

Your suggestion at first simply will not work and the first reply outlined that (even tho rather strongly). Making the path to cap level easier and less demanding doesnt change the issue, it just moves the critical point (at which it becomes an issue). So you would suddenly see a lot more lv 70 that know nothing but are expected to do.