Dungeon finder, New player unable to play those


I’m leveling a DH which will be havoc at level 70, for the meanwhile, I’m playing vengeance for the fast time in queue and why not, the game is in shortage of tank so everybody win having a tank willing to play the dungeon

The problem is most of the people playing those low level dungeon are probably new and don’t have a clue on how to play the mechanic of boss, they even most of them don’t play their class the right way leading to poor dps.

Combine those problem and the dungeon is a total fiasco, I don’t want to spend 1 hour to complete a dungeon or having to explain all the mechanic to every group (when they listen…)

Blizz, revert the dungeon to the classic/vanilla, the easy clap one with braindead mechanic, you can’t ask to a new players to learn how to play the game, learning how to perform their class and playing the mechanic of a dungeon like BFA/SL/DF, they will have those content once they reach level 70 and are comfortable with the game.

You are overwhelming new/returning player, I’m giving up with dungeon finder for the meantime and will level up my alt in another way

LFD isn’t going anywhere, stop with the demands already.



just because it’s a pug doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be progression.

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You are mixing progression with leveling.

Pug progression for m+ and raid, sure, progression for new starter characters doesn’t make any sense.

I think the flip-side is equally problematic: Players that know a bit too much or are too well-geared that steamroll the content. You can’t learn if things are moving too quickly. (An anecdote: people don’t really understand M+ dungeons until they progress into high keys where the mechanics are essential.)

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the game is appealing over mobile games exactly because it has fights with abilities and not just ‘hunting grounds’ and afk autopathing autcombat pot-chugging playstyle.

that’s the game

I think the difficulty is in an okay spot. If Blizzard reverts dungeons to have “braindead mechanics,” then you have this issue where the learning curve just shifts further to end game dungeons.

I’m sure many would agree that they’d rather have new players learn their class and game mechanics while they are leveling, rather than have them be in your mythic+ groups.

I think the bigger issue is the community’s incredible levels of gatekeeping and toxicity toward new players. If anything, it’s strange if someone is surprised/offended at new players in low level dungeons and normal BG’s.

Learning the game mechanics at the same time of leveling, why not at level 50, when the player start to get hands on his class and the game, as Timdotcom said “You can’t learn if things are moving too quickly.”

The other thing of doing those kind of dungeon at low level, you have limited spell, defensive, toolkit…

Regarding m+ content mechanic, they can learn doing m0 and low key

I queue up df and selected service entrance. A hour later someone said we been in here for over a hour…
I thought we were doing fine.
It took 3 or was it 4 healers to my tank.

We did not do all 29 bosses.

I would agree with a gradual increase in dungeon difficult across levels. I think they already try to do this with the current scuffed scaling system. I definitely disagree with making all leveling dungeons braindead though.

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Dungeon are way more enjoyable now ! Thanks for the change

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