Bug or Sabotage? Infernals non-aggressive and despawn in seconds

Fix the Infernal, back to the top!

I opened a third ticket to request the GM put the bug report in themselves, they have more pull. I will update you when I get an answer.

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Lol. Why do they do this? Are these automated Russian bots?

Not sure I understand what you are referring to

One of my favorite memories is of running into Brill, seeing a massive flaming rock dude, and a SEA of skeletons, before it killed me.

Bring this back!


We need as many people to report the bug as possible

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Fairly certain this is a bug. Apparently it was supposed to be fixed, but it currently isn’t. Refer to this bug fix post a month ago:

“The Infernal summoned by a Warlock’s Inferno spell will now properly attack nearby enemy players”


Yeah it is not fixed… blizz please

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Truly a sad thing to hear that infernals are not aggressive and despawn almost instantly. On a related note, player created campfires from the cooking professions also do not cause damage to players. I do not think that this change is unintentional or a bug. It is Blizzard intentionally putting kid gloves on true wow vanilla mechanics to safeguard players from themselves.
I have made a bug report on the campfires Campfires are not causing damage


You said a mouthful there. This is a MESS!

But you didn’t think we’d get an authentic experience? If that had been the case, they would have gone with 1.12 and updated data packs only. Instead, they have made material and very notable changes to many of the mechanics of the game.

Many spells/abilities do not work as they should.

I have had difficulty keeping a pet, despite feeding it, playing with it, etc. Pets randomly just vanish. I wonder if this is the result of layer squashing.

In any event, this stuff needs to be fixed. Hunters and their pets are fundamentally broken in numerous ways.

I sincerely hope the Infernal is merely broken and not modified.


ahh yall it’s S A B O T A G E!!!

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Obviously it isn’t fixed.

The story was picked up by Dexerto. I’ll be crusading about this until it is fixed or until they admit this was intentional, at which point I’ll unsub.


Oh, I wasn’t aware we were playing BFA. Can’t have fun guys. On a serious note, I really hope this is a bug. If this was intentionally removed it’s a slap in the face to the spirit of Vanilla WoW. And if it is intentional and blizzard keep moving in this direction, I’m gone.

So you’re telling me that, without asking the players, you nerfed one of the most fun things to do as a warlock? I’m getting that right? This better be a bug or I’m done, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. This has got to be the most carebear thing ever. This game is about danger and world pvp, you can’t just take that away because a few players might get salty.


I’m not playing warlock but if this is not fixed I’m also unsubbing. If this was intentional, then this is a big red warning flag of what is to come. I don’t enjoy playing Hello Kitty Island Adventures…


It is reassuring to see I am not the only one who feels this strongly about such a carebear change to the game. Hopefully they get this fixed asap


Been talking to warlocks and one said a week ago they could do it but since has been changed. Not looking good


+1 please fix Blizz


is it confirmed this worked a week ago?