Bug or Sabotage? Infernals non-aggressive and despawn in seconds

Apparently Blizzard took the liberty of changing infernals summoned and released by warlocks to be non-aggressive to anything around it unless it is attacked, it despawns if not attacked in a matter of seconds. This is an extremely far shift from how it actually was in Vanilla.

Is this a bug, or did AB decide to not let warlocks do what they used to be able to do back in the day? So much for trying to capture that original experience, right Blizzard?

EDIT: I have summoned 3 infernals so far to test this. It also appears that the 30 damage AOE effect Infernals used to have has been removed. At present, the summoned infernal, once released, will immediately target the warlock that summoned it and attack. The warlock can either die or run out of range and the Infernal will run back to where it was summoned. It will stay there for about 5 seconds, without attacking anything nearby, and despawn. They are entirely useless to cause chaos in an area now, something warlocks were quite literally born to do.


This is an outrage! It was one of my favorite hobbies as a warlock to unleash a monster on unsuspecting people.


Yes I agree. Hoping at this point it is a bug, but that hope is little considering things they’ve already changed.


What about ritual of doom?

Bliz this better be a damn bug or we’re about to have a problem.


does that mean i can’t summon and release it at the beginning of an AV game in order to put all 40 players in combat when they try to mount up?


No friggin way, I hope this is a bug because if not this is a very bad signal of future care bear changes to the game and i don0t want to play a game that does this crap.


I admit I love the flavor that these kinda events added to classic sure its a bit ‘griefy’ but as well it would cause issues in AV battles etc when a Warlock died and its infernal got loose or Doomguard etc.

This needs to be fixed, some of my fondest memories of classic were the unfair struggles from stuff exactly like this. Like that Pre-TBC Event were Kazzak was spawned in front of major cities with AoE shadow bolt and murdered everyone


At this point, I do not know if Ritual of doom is the same. But I think it is safe to assume that it is also nonaggressive. The summoned infernal was only aggressive to me.

Not only that, but in Vanilla, Infernals had an AOE effect that dealt 30 damage every 3 seconds. This has been removed. It no longer has an AOE effect. After I let the infernal kill me in the crossroads inn, it ran to where it was summoned (in the midst of tons of low lvl players) Stood there for 5 seconds without attacking anything, and despawned. Safe to say the same will be of the Doomguard.


Makes me glad I didn’t go warlock this time around.

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It seems a lot of things have been overlooked. Fix Infernals Blizz. Hunters seem to be fairing worse. Get to work.


Yeah they’re suppose to Fist people in rear once unbound. Was always funny see back in the day in crossroads murdering vendors by the smithy x.x

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This is a sad change. To many players, this may seem like something minor, but too many others like myself this is devastating.

Truly hope this isn’t the beginning of the end.


This was THE reason I fell in love with WoW as a kid… this sucks:(


Yeah I don’t know why they make these small changes but don’t say anything about it. These types of situations ironically inspire people to play that class so they can do the same thing. Blizz was supposedly #nochanges buttttttt…sadly not.


100% Agree.


This is what happens when we get changes, they are going down the slippery slope… just like with layering and how much that changed the economy… for the worse.

We all saw this coming… theres going to be more changes over time, quality of life is coming!


Yep. We were told the slippery slope was not a real concern. Then they removed multiple skeletons per corpse because people can spell mean things on the ground. Quality of life is indeed coming friends. Right now they came for warlocks, then will come for you and the warlocks won’t be there to defend the changes you didn’t want.


100% agree cmon blizz NO CHANGES


Agree, this was always so fun to have… they may have just overlooked this? Would be great if they changed it back to the way it was.