Bug or Sabotage? Infernals non-aggressive and despawn in seconds

Really wish they would have had a proper beta and not a streamer advertisement beta.


That is for a Doomlord not infernal

This is unthinkable! Blizzard fix this! You nerfed the fun out of retail don’t do it here!


Bug report forum.

I reported it and got a response from a GM (without even whispering me while I was online) that everything is behaving as it did in Vanilla, which is flatly untrue. I don’t even think he read my ticket. I opened a new one. I appreciate everyone else submitting as bug.


I noticed this as well on my Warlock. Incredibly disappointing that Infernals, and I would take it as being Doomguards as well, no longer to continue their rampage unless someone explicitly goes out their way to antagonize it (such as guards attacking it, healing someone who is fighting it, etc.).

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Really?, take a screenshot and ridicule the moron here on the forums, let he be eaten alive dude.

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Also let’s get classic customer support in here too, that last GM was a joke



Which is why I asked if RoD was also affected

That’s a real shame, and a bad omen for the future


That’s unfortunate. Getting wrecked by infernals/released enslaved demons in Xroads/Goldshire is 100% part of the classic experience.

Someone kited Stitches to Sentinel Hill a few days ago and he murdered everyone, including me. Stuff like this is hilarious and they shouldn’t take any steps to prevent it. I would argue it actually makes the world feel a bit more alive. Some brief chaos in Stormwind is good. And eventually everyone gets together and cleans it up.

Here’s a video of Stitches and an Infernal tag teaming Goldshire. Everyone is laughing and having fun with it.

Also at about 1m 20s into the video the player takes 30 damage from the infernal’s AOE, so that’s a pretty good confirmation that the OP’s recollection of this is correct.


This better be a bug. A warlock setting an infernal loose in Goldshire, killing all of us low level players is what inspired me to reroll to warlock and eventually play a lock in Classic so I can relive those times.


Why would you catch hate? I don’t think we have the same definition of hate.

Anyways, it was not changed. Your memory is inaccurate. But I don’t hate you…

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Unfair stuff like this is what makes the game a experience.

Trim and remove everything negative and you’ll eventually end back up at BFA

We cannot accept this change.



I would post a screenshot of the GM response, but im 99% certain blizzard would punish me for doing it.

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oh that sucks. why is blizz neutering all the fun stuff from the game? saw a thread yesterday where flightmasters insta repop after killing them and in my experience guys like warmaster laggrond are now leashed.

Actually, I will just copy paste the GM response I received because it was pretty tilting that he didn’t even read my post and that I wasn’t even contacted even though I was online when the ticket was answered. Customer service has gone down the drain since the earlier days. Response below, still waiting on a reply from the follow-up ticket I opened.

"Heyo, Game Master Pozenex here to help. :]

I see you’ve been playing since 05, 14 years, that’s awesome! :smiley: I understand you’re having some issues with trying to control your infernal. So checking out your character, yes this actually is something that can happen in Classic and is how it worked in Vanilla. You have limited control over higher demons :]

Fair travels and bountiful loot, bows"

Again - a total disregard to the original question.


Looks like someone filed a bug report


I did too. I urge all people to report it as a bug as well.

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This is just sad. You’re not the only class that feels gutted.

Us pet classes gotta stick together