Bug or Sabotage? Infernals non-aggressive and despawn in seconds

The fact that they changed something like this is worrying to me. Ask yourself: “what is your favourite part about vanilla wow?” Now get rid of it! You wouldn’t like the game as much now would you? For many warlock’s spawning an infernal in goldshire and wreaking havoc amongst the town is their favourite thing to do! #nochanges


I enslaved a doomguard using CoD and released them and it just despawned.
I also managed to kite a doomguard spawned from CoD to SW and guards didn’t even aggro it. no changes btw.


Looks like your not the only pet class having serious issues that make our class fun.


2 days after opening a ticket and my wait time has increased by 8 hours -.-

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To be fair, the beta only went to level 40. Did you actually think blizzard would spend money on QA for classic? You got a dedicated team and that is all the support they were willing to devote.

Doesn’t mean they shouldn’t address something as blantantly broken as this though

Never said they shouldn’t. They fixed battle shout threat and broke demo shout/roar. Things happen and I am sure a few things just might take a while. That said, I posted to bring the thread back up.

I appreciate you for that brother. i don’t want this to get brushed under the rug because just a few people care about it

I honestly don’t care about the aggro thing, just the fact that the immolation aura isn’t working isn’t fine. I can’t say it wouldn’t be nice having aggro work right either.

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OMG, this was one of my favorite things to do as a Lock in Vanilla, and they have removed it?

WARLOCK BROTHERS AND SISTERS. RAISE UP YOUR GOOD STAFF AND MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! Bring back aggressive Infernals and Doomguards! That was the way of Vanilla, and that is how it should be now!


I’m going to catch a lot of hate for this but this was something that changed in a patch. I remember waaaaaay back yeah you could cause some chaos with your dismissed pets but I also remember them acting this way back in vanilla. It was one of those things that got fixed because too many people were being dbags with it.

This isn’t a no changes thing. Its a game changed over 12 patches thing and you dont remember how it was.

Here here Zoots! RIOT!

I don’t remember this at all. I just went over patch notes and there is no mention of the behavior changing.

I will not call you a liar however, and give a slight benefit of the doubt. Please give a proper citation of the change.

I too have combed through the patch notes from years past, and there was indeed no mention of this change. Thus why I am hoping it is a mistake as of right now.

I’m looking for one. I dont think it was during a big patch. But I do remember summoning infernals at 60 and having them just stand there after dismissal.

They are supposed to stand where they were summoned, but the aggressive behavior and lack of immolation aura is what was changed

And I don’t remember this. I do remember having all sorts of fun with mailbox dancers.

They totally deserved it.

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Raising my staff every morning in support of warlocks everywhere!


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Make sure to open a ticket and report this!



This is vanilla, get this retail safe space stuff outta here.